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What if you are an anthropologist following a tribe of isolated aboriginal people in South America. One day, the tribal chief had a vision that the god Divoc is angry at them and the only way to save them is three days of ceremony followed by everyone getting a tattoo of Divoc on his or her right arm. Small infants don’t have to get them but no exceptions for everyone else. Those who refuse will be shunned and chased out of the tribe.

According to your field journal is this a rational tribe? A compassionate tribe? An inclusive tribe? A logical tribe? A scientific tribe? A progressive tribe? A tribe that values Freedom?

Voltaire said: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” The licence plate of New Hampshire says: “Live Free or Die.” Our modern society value individual freedom very highly. As long as it goes along with the collective dogma of the day.

Evolution is not always pretty or neat, but it is necessary.

Case in point, the current vaccination debate is fast becoming an abomination. I am not saying the vaccine works or doesn’t work. It is beside the point. I am saying we have a duty to defend those who DO question it.

The god Divoc is COVID spelled backwards. The tribe is us. We all pray to this god and hope to calm it down by getting a prick in the arm. You may argue: “but our chief’s vision is based on SCIENCE not some spiritual experience.” Let’s open our highschool textbook and review the definition of science.

“Scientific methodology includes the following:

  • Objective observation: Measurement and data
  • Evidence
  • Experiment and/or observation as benchmarks for testing hypotheses
  • Induction: reasoning to establish general rules or conclusions drawn from facts or examples
  • Repetition
  • Critical analysis
  • Verification and testing: critical exposure to scrutiny, peer review and assessment”

True scientists allow for “critical exposure to scrutiny”. All scientific theories are just theories waiting for future generations to confirm or disproof. This is the true essence and power of SCIENCE. If we blindly spray the entire population of the globe with COVID Vaccine, where is our control group? How do we know if the experiment worked or not? How would we know if our own innate immune system couldn’t adapt? Are we discounting the power of evolution in favour of the powerful medical industrial complex?

If we do not allow dissonance then we are hypocritical dictators hiding behind the banner of SCIENCE to achieve our goal of controlling others.

We live in a society where discrimination based on race, religion, gender, age, ethnicity is wrong. But discrimination based on faith in the health care system is completely acceptable. The believers are pious, altruistic, reasonable and rational citizens. Non-believers are crazy, selfish, dumb and unreasonable conspiracy-theorists. They deserve to be fired, grounded, refused entry, labelled, isolated, put under house arrest, tracked down, harassed and persecuted. How close are we from making yellow arm bands and ship them off to isolation camps or leper colonies?

We are not ignorant villagers from a prehistoric tribe. We are humans who value free speech, individual choices, freedom of faith, the democratic process and true scientific methods. It’s about time we behave like one.


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