Described as “A Seeker of Radical Revolution“, Zen’s purpose in life is to Share Stories that Matter with People who give a Damn.

Zen is a proud graduate of Vancouver Film School. He is extremely blessed to be in the art department of Film and TV productions in Toronto, Canada. Before that he worked as a Nuclear Project Engineer for nuclear power plants. His unconventional career jump results in unique and quirky insights into the mysteries of life. Everyday, Zen strives to be The People’s Director.

This is Zen Wang’s blog site. It is a forum for discussions on art, life, politics, religion, sex, philosophy, science, culture, etc. No topic is too racy or taboo. His goal is to blog once per week on a topic of interest for his readers.

As long as the comments are respectful and based on facts they will not be deleted. Zen is a firm believer in effective communication and intelligent discussion.

All artwork, photos and videos are Zen’s own work. You can use them freely as you see fit. Simply credit them as from: zenwang.net

For Zen’s online portfolio, including demo reels of his documentaries please visit: https://vimeo.com/303347627