Zen comes from a long line of fine artists. His great grandfather was a courageous entrepreneur who built the customs building in the port of Hankow during the Qing Dynasty. It was the first western stone buildings in the region.

His sculptor grandfather passed away when Zen was an infant but left behind art books and sculpting tools (on display today). Curious by nature, Zen dove into these like a hungry caterpillar.

Limited prints of artworks by Master Zen. Signed and authenticated. All prints $29.99 Cdn, shipping & handling included within Canada. Email: to order.

High Quality Prints of Digital Paintings. Signed and authenticated. Medium size (8’X24′)$49.99Cdn. Large size (24’X54′) $99.99. Email: to order.

Sculpture of Guanyu – Protector of Home and Business 24″ tall, white plaster casting.


White $399.00 CAD
Bronze $499.00 CAD
Gold $499.00 CAD

Shipping cost and taxes extra depending on the destination.

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Zen’s grandmother was a brave woman who dared to challenge outdated traditions. She refused to wrap her feet (a feudal tradition that brutalized women) and learned to read and write. She was a renowned embroiderer in her native Hunan.

Zen’s father, a good painter in his own right was denied an education during the Cultural Revolution. He resorted to painting propaganda murals of Chairman Mao around the city.

Fast-forward to today. Zen holds two degrees and a film diploma from prominent Canadian institutions. He is a professional engineer and a member of the Director’s Guild of Canada.

His art has been exhibited in the Art Gallery of Saskatchewan, OCADU Art Gallery and World Wildlife Foundation Gallery among others. He has won the Saskatchewan Fine Art Award, Guelph Comic Art Award and UW Anime Competition.

His documentary films has premiered in Toronto four times to high acclaim. Since then they were shown in numerous cities to tell stories of marginalized people and cultures. Zen’s writing was published in National Geographic Magazine. Today he writes a blog with focus on social change and creative freedom. He has more than 500 followers worldwide.

Zen tells stories that matters to people who give a damn.