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What is your Wisdom Age?


“Older and Wiser”. One of my friend just turned sixty-five. When I asked him how it feels to be sixty-five he said: “The pressure is off.” Because his house is now paid for and his children are more independent, he feels now he can really enjoy life as it is. My thinking is that the pressure was NEVER ON. The pressure SHOULD never be on. We feel the pressure because the society force feeds the concept on to us to keep us slaving away. More on this in my future blogs.

I feel fortunate to be in a very nurturing and communicative relationship. Because we talk openly and communicate often we have became one single unit. This is very significant indeed. My partner is 33 years of age and I am 39. This means we have a combined age of 72 years. That is 72 years of experience on this planet. All the trials and errors; all the heartaches and tribulations; all the joys, injuries and hard lessons. In effect, I am living inside a body of a 39 years old man with the wisdom of a 72 years old person. How amazing is that?

This is how I am able to appear “wise beyond my years.” I am “leeching” off other people’s wisdoms. In life we should never stop learning. We should continuously COPY, ABSORB, BORROW, REUSED, REPURPOSE, DIGEST, IMITATE other people around us. This is how we grow and learn, not from ourselves but from others around us. We need to consistently look for wisdom from others and shamelessly TAKE them for our own purposes. No apologies needed. In fact you honour others by learning from them. And don’t worry about copyright. It is impossible to copy something without putting your own unique spin on it.

Life is the process of continuously learning from the universe and applying that wisdom for the betterment of all. Wise words from my 72 year self right? Now I need to get some lunch into this 39 year old body of mine and go for a nice bike ride in the afternoon sun.

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