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The Artistic Life



Hello World. This is my first blog post. It’s kind of exciting to join the blogging community. Do I have a lot of things to say? Yes. Do I have a lot of things to share? Yes. Do I like to ask rhetorical questions? Absolutely!

Some people say STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) is all the rave nowadays. It is what drives investments and the economy, international trade and standards of living. While I agree on principle that STEM is quite important I think Art is even more important.

For example if you want to write a love note do you write it in mathematical formulas or do you write in poetic verses? When you make a card for your mother is it heart warming images on the front or is it engineering blueprint? You get my drift. All the things that make life beautiful and worth living is intimately intertwined with Art.

STEM holds up our lives and improves them for the better, but Art is the flower that blossoms at the tip. Art takes from life and gives to life. Art is the creative force that flows through all things and evidently ties everything together.

Please let me know your thoughts. All comments are welcome as long as they are respectable and based on facts. Thank you.

As always, I appreciate your thoughts. Please leave a comment below.


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