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Who is Mentally Retarded?



Question: would you take advantage of a mentally retarded person? Say lure him into a dark alley with some fancy trinket then poison him and take all his money?

I hope most of you would say no. Those of you said yes, I hear the Whitehouse is hiring. If you think my question is absurd. Read on.

Retarded literally means being late. Late in mental development. So a person who is 25 with the mind of a 5 year old IS retarded while a 5 year old with a 5 year old mind is not retarded. This is because the 5 year old is not late in development. Even-though he/she has the same IQ as the retarded 25 year old.

Now, to my point. Big sugar companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year to target children each year. Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas… There is hardly any major holidays that is not full of processed sugar and fat. These children are not the children of yesteryears. They now have indirect purchasing power because much of their family’s buying behaviour is influenced by them. In a way they are kids with a walking bank machine behind them (their parents).

And… in a way these kids are exactly like retarded 25 year olds. Because A, they have purchasing power of a 25 year old; B, they have the mental capacity of a 5 year old. The sugar companies realized this long time ago. So they target this disadvantaged group like mad. The companies spend big money in all the right places to gain the children’s trust, then give them slow poisons in the form of coloured sugar, finally they tell the children to empty their parents’ wallets.

Now we go back to my original question. Would you take advantage of an disadvantaged group of people who has very limited mental ability? Their reasoning, logic, willpower, self-control, accumulative knowledge is but a fraction of yours. It just so happens they have access to their parents’ money. Would you build a career on trying your hardest to get at that money?

In fact, thousands of people who are working for big sugar companies and big marketing firms and big media companies are doing exactly that: taking advantage of retarded persons. The system divides up the labour so people don’t realize this. So they can say “I am just a clerk working for XYZ. I don’t really know what XYZ does.”  In Nazi Germany, the chemist who prepared the poison at the lab is just as guilty as the soldier who dropped it into the gas chambers. Everyone in the command chain is guilty because ignorance and following orders are not acceptable defenses.

If you are ready to hear it I will tell you the even more outrageous thing about this entire affair. The big sugar company executives also have children. Their children are also retarded little persons who are being targeted. Targeted by the Saturated Fat companies, porn companies, fashion companies, violent video games companies, food colouring companies, artificial flavour companies… The list goes on and on.

If this is not the dictionary definition of “Self Destruction” then you need to throw that dictionary out the window. People are burying each other’s children in garbage and shit while hoping for a better quarterly return. They cash in on their stocks while the world slowly burns from below their feet. They watch TV and act surprised when they see all the suffering and misery around them. Shit in, shit out, shit heads!

Now the million dollar question is who are the real Retarded Persons?  Think about it and get back to me.

As always, comments welcome.


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