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Let’s Ride!!!


The beginning of every ride should start with a nutritious and energizing meal. This gives you the fuel needed for the next 2 to 3 hours of riding. Hydration comes from fruit smoothies and water. Make sure you are in top physical and mental shape so you can devote 100% of your attention to the road. Check the weather network and make sure there is no impending weather system in the forecast. RainAlarm is a great app that gives you most up-to-date rain warnings.



Next, make sure your bike is ready. Check all the fluids: gas, oil, brake fluids, transmission fluids. Check your brakes, lights, bolts, battery, mirrors, tire, tire pressure, etc. Warm up your engine for 5-7 mins.

Finally, put on your gear. Helmet, gloves, boots, jacket and sturdy pants is the minimal equipment you should have. Now you are ready for the open road. Let’s Ride.



I will always remember the day my bike got on the road for the very first time. Putting on my “cute” little mini licence plate; Backing out of my garage awkwardly; Waking up my neighbours on a Saturday morning; Stalling at the red light because I accidentally put it in neutral. Ahhhh Good times.

As I sped over a highway bridge two bikers were riding toward me. One of them saw me and gave me a “Biker’s Salute”. My blessed heart almost jumped out of my chest. Wow! I was one of them! I became a full-fledged biker! It was and still is an indescribable feeling of pride and belongingness.



Why do we like to ride motorcycles? Surely there are safer and more comfortable ways to travelling. The reason we ride is that we evolved from horse riders. For thousands of years we humans depended on horses to traverse through the surfaces of earth. When engines replaced our beloved horses and rail roads carved up our open plains we felt lost. Then one day some genius put an engine in a bicycle and we go our mechanical horses back. We are free once more.

Our love affair with motorcycle will never die. Bikership is like a knighthood. We belong to an elite class of motorists who love the intimacy between the road, the machine and the rider. Bikership is not a right but a privilege. We need to respect each other, respect other vehicles and respect nature. We only take evaluated and acceptable risks.


Some may say: Why take the unnecessary risks? I say because Life is Risky. We all live and die by the grace of the Universe. Some one like me NEED to taste danger on the cutting edge in order to learn about myself and about the world. Taking chances forces a person to get out of their comfort zone and venture into unfamiliar territories. Motorcycle is my chosen steed to gallop into that new realm.



In parting, I wish all of you find your risky challenges in life. Whether it is sailing, skydiving, rock-climbing, scuba-diving, rollerblading, horseback riding or others. Do it responsibly and do it safely. Do it with a sense of conquering your fears and a sense of adventure. On that marvelous and exciting road ahead of you, I will meet you there. Let’s Ride Together!

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