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Cancer Fighting is a Sham!


Ok this is going to be hard for a lot of people to hear. Buckley is very hard to swallow but it works, so grow up. I am calling our current cancer fighting strategy a huge sham. Actually it is nothing short of a conspiracy to enslave helpless and desperate people to fill the pockets of big corporations.

Let’s be clear, I am a big admirer of Terry Fox. I voted for him to be the top ten greatest Canadian of all times. But his mission to end cancer has been cleverly hijacked by the Big White Haired Guy with a briefcase full of money (hence forth known as The Man).

When we are fighting something it is constructive to know what that thing is. So what the heck is cancer? Cancer is a natural phenomena. Cancer is a NORMAL occurrence. Cancer has been with us since the beginning of complex organisms on earth and will be here after we go extinct. I told you this is hard to swallow didn’t I? Especially if you have loved ones who were lost to cancer. It would be so much easier to label something you hate and bury it deep, blame it on cancer, terrorists, Hitler, Dr. Evil, Satan… But if you are an adult and have stopped believing in the Disney version of reality you need to re-examine this notion of black and white image of the world. The cure to cancer is within yourself.


Every year, hundreds of millions of dollars are wasted on cancer research. Multitudes of teams are racing to find the holy grail of modern medicine. But the true recipe for success is as simple as 1-2-3.

1) Eliminate toxins from your daily life

2) Minimize emotional baggages

3) Find the purpose of your existence

One: make your lifestyle a healthy one. You know all the obvious toxins: tobacco, cleaning products, plastics, processed foods, preservatives etc. But there are many hidden factors too. Fire retardants in the carpet, processed meats, lead paint, detergents, artificially ripened fruits, and many many more. The point is not to overwhelm yourself, but to be conscious of them and eliminate them one by one. Having an active lifestyle also help you to get rid of toxins already in your system.

Two: achieve emotional stability. Toxins can come from within. Your body produces them naturally as a mechanism to better the human population. As harsh as it sounds, if you are a person with huge emotional baggages, nature wants you to poison yourself so you can be eliminated from the gene pool. So if you want to survive, get help, seek out healers, shed and be reborn as a better version of your former self. Survival of the fittest applies here.

Three: justify your existence. Why are you here and why should we care? People often overlook this huge factor in disease fighting. A person who has a purpose outside of himself will often shine like a beacon. When you see how important you are to yourself and to the rest of humanity you will naturally take better care of yourself and feel great every single day. Point three reinforces the two previous points and makes you a winner against cancer and a conquerer of life.


As a species if we can all follow the three step strategy to fight cancer, I am 100% sure we can bring cancer rates down to pre-modern levels. How do I know that for sure? I have seen it. My own mother is seventy three years old and cancer-free. She lives a simple and non-toxin life and walks a few miles everyday. She has shed her emotional baggage from her divorce. She knows her purpose in the world (this month it is to teach Mahjong to Canadian seniors). I am hoping to inherit this goldmine of a lifestyle and be a cancer-free resident of Earth until I check out. I hope you can join me.

Say NO to The Big White Haired Man and say YES to the power within yourself.

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