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Logic, harder than you think


We all believe we are fairly logical people, most of the time anyway. However, are we aware that the environment can alter our logical minds in powerful ways? I am going to share three real life stories with you so you can be the judge.

Story One: Nearing the end of my time at a fairly challenging university program one of my classmate came up to me asking for my coat size. She wanted to know if I will buy her class leather jacket if she fails to graduate. I wasn’t the only one she asked. Apparently, she’s been spending a lot of time at the library taking down names of potential buyers. “I paid 700 bucks, I want to recuperate at least some of that.” she said.

Short term gain makes people blind to logic. If she spent more time in the library studying she probably could graduate and keep her jacket.

Story Two: At the end of 2012 many people believed the world is ending. A friend of a friend is an especially devout believer of this theory. Knowing my friend is doing well in the stockmarket she drilled him with questions. “If the world is ending should I invest in Gold or commodities? I should not invest in real estate right?”

A truly logical mind needs a firm set of beliefs and value systems. If she truly believed all is coming to an end then she should cash out and spend it all. If she doesn’t believe that then her questions are a waste of time.

Story Three: I recommended a movie called “Food Inc.” to my friend. He flat out refused to watch it. “I will not be able to eat anything after watching that.” was his reason. In other words he would rather shove garbage into his body than knowing what he is really eating.

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to logical behaviours. To be a logical person one needs information. Information comes from interactions and learnings. A logical person is not afraid of information and evidence, even if it is to the contrary of one’s beliefs.


Now let us look at current events. U.S. and North Korea are at an impasse regarding the right to own nuclear weapons and long range missiles. In other news U.S. President refuses to look at gun control citing that guns protect citizens. If we looked at this picture from a purely logical angle things do not jive.

If weapons at the hands of people will protect them then it follows that everyone needs to be armed. Then why is U.S. opposed to North Korea arming themselves? If North Korea is a rogue state that does not deserved to have dangerous weapons then it follows that U.S. does indeed believe in arms control. Some may argue that Weapons of Mass Destruction should not be in the hands of regimes that are “evil” and undemocratic.

What is “evil”? U.S.A. is a country that supported the Talibans; started the wars in Vietnam and other regions; usurped countless democratic governments; destroyed the environment with their carbon emissions; spies on, tortures and executes its own citizens without trial; etc. Is this “evil”? North Korea can be accused of similar sins, if at a lesser degree. So logic tells us if one nation is evil the other one must be as well. It follows that neither should possess Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Well, U.S.A. is democratic right? Is it? Let us think long and hard before we answer this one. Be immuned from all previous biases; Be faithful to your sense of truth; Be open to hard evidence and reliable information. Only then should we answer whether U.S.A. is a democratic nation.


I told you. Logic is harder than you think. America was founded on holistic human ideals and values, that is why she ascended to the throne of the leader of the “Free” world. So much has happened since then and the USA can no longer claim to be pure, just and righteous. The Founding Fathers had it right. You CANNOT build a house on shaky ground. Now THAT is GOOD logic.

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