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Why is Mother Nature so Kickass?


I know many of people who are tired of hearing how awesome mother nature is. We are in the 21st century. We don’t idolize animals and we are no longer superstitious. We conquered mother nature so stop glorifying a mystic, non-existent entity. Focus on what we can see and feel.

Let us see what we see. Go find a piece of rock. Hold it in your hand and think about where it came from. Well it came from the ground. It was compressed sand. Where did the sand come from. Volcanic ashes. Where did the volcanic ash come from? So on and so forth. You get the drift. When you trace the rock far enough it goes back to the Big Bang – the moment the universe was created.

Who created the universe? There are many attempts to answer the age old question. I don’t pretend to know but I know this. Whoever or whatever the creator is, it needed something to create our universe. He cannot walk into Home depot and order a billion tonnes of dirt to create the Mississippi delta. So where did he get his material for creation?


The only way I can explain it is that he/she had to make things from himself/herself. Because the place is empty when the creator got here. That is why many teaching say “God” is omnipresent. “Look at every tree, I am there. Turn any stone, you will find me.” The Creator, in fact is everywhere. Even inside of you and I.

My theory is that the creator is a higher dimensional being much like a supercomputer. We are his individual programs running in the context of a much bigger program. Different from programs we know, we have the power of free will. Before you call me a Matrix Maniac just hear me out.


Last Friday day I rode my motorcycle to Oakville. For reasons unknown I decided to stop at a park near Bronte Creek. While having a cookie and some water a pair of Canadian Geese swam by. Very gracefully they walked onto land and started feeding. The female ate while the male kept watch. Then the male ate while the female watched. They seemed to be looking for something, possibly a nesting sight for the coming eggs.

Now some of you readers may know that we are pregnant. I am an expectant father. Like the two geese in the springtime we are in love and scared at the same time. We are first time parents and have a lot of doubts and trepidations. Just observing the two creatures smoothly navigate through the river and leisurely spending their time together looking for a home for their babies brings tears to my eyes. It is Mother Nature’s way of assuring me, a first time father, that everything will be Alright!

This is why Mother Nature is so Awesome, so Kickass, so Incredible. Because we are a part of her, she keeps us in her thoughts and feels our energies. Whenever we feel anxious and upset, she, like any mother knows exactly what we need. If we are willing to be quiet and listen. We can hear her whispers and her wisdom will bring us solace, comfort and joy.


Like with our birth mother, we sometime forget about old mother nature. We get so entangled in our daily grind. Between deadlines and cell phone bills we forget how amazing our mother is. We don’t remember the unconditional love she has for us. So in honour of the Mother’s day coming up I propose we all take our birth mothers out to see mother nature. Let us give thanks to our creators. Let us listen to them. Let us return the love they deserve. Mothers ARE divine!

Happy Earth Day! Happy Mother’s Day! Happy Everyday!

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