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Is Money Irrelevant?


Okay who are those sages who say “Money is Irrelevant?” Are they out of their minds or are they sitting naked in a cave somewhere in the Himalayans? Everything cost money. Money is very important. Money is everything. Right?

Well, not exactly.

Fact one: The universe didn’t start with money. Money is a purely man-made thing. It is an imaginary storage device for energy. It is a great invention with many drawbacks. If a person can storage the energy using other means then they would not need money at all. Some examples of these storage devices/methods are: physical goods, services, promise of goods or services, good-will, rain-checks, trust, collaboration and LOVE. Yes Love is a storage method for energy. Does Dalai Lama worry about paying next month’s rent? No! Because he has generated so much love around him that he has entered the perpetual positive state of existence. He is a generator of positive energy on the system. Think of people with solar cells on their roof. They contribute to the system instead of draw from it. For those amazing human beings money is irrelevant.

Fact two: Lottery winners’ lives usually do not change for the better. Studies show lottery winners’ lives don’t necessarily change for the better when they are awarded a large sum of money. “If you don’t have enough without it, you will never have enough with it.” Wise words from John Candy. A great amount of money is a lot of energy. It is like bringing a nuclear generator home and tell your wife you don’t have to worry about electricity bills anymore. The bundle of energy will change many things but unless the person is mature enough to handle it, he/she will fail and waste the energy on frivolous and pointless things. To a poor lottery winner, money becomes irrelevant.


Fact three: Problems that can be solved with money aren’t real problems. If you dump a billion dollars in the Middle East and tell everyone to stop fighting would that give them peace? Most likely not. They will just buy more weapons to hurt each other with. Rich people think they can just throw some money at problems and make them go away. Unfortunately the universe does not work that way. A world problem is a disfunction on the system level. Adding energy to the system rarely changed the structure of the system. Sometimes it will blow the fuse and result in bigger fires. For big world problems money is irrelevant.

Fact Four: You are already very wealthy. What if someone walked up to you and offered you a million dollars? In exchange for the money you will never see sunshine again.  Would you do it? What if it’s never seeing your friends? never seeing blue sky? never hearing birds sing? never seeing your family? never walk again? Can someone literally buy these things from you for money? I for one would not give up those things. Why? because they are worth more than a million dollars. Inversely, that means I am already a millionaire because I have these things.  We are all extremely wealthy because we are all in this universe sharing our time together in abundance. Once we realize this fact, money is quite insignificant.


I believe there is enough wealth for everyone. Because wealth is not about how much you have but about how much you can share.

Let me know what you think of the statement “Money is irrelevant”. Don’t they say time is money, so does that mean time is also irrelevant? Hmmmm… I wonder.

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