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Hello Daughter


Hello Daughter, it is I. That faint deep voice, much deeper than your mother’s. I come and go.

Hello Daughter, it is I. That darker shadow, I move around on your mother’s belly, trying to listen to your every move. I am here and there.

Hello Daughter, it is I. That subtle touch, I caress you through your mother’s body, longing for the day when I can truly hold you. I already miss you so much.

You have chosen to be my daughter. I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but I know I will do everything in my power to deserve you.

I am destined to be your father. I don’t know how I am going to love you, but I know that with every cell in my body I will love you. I already do.

This world you are coming into is a pretty one. You will be mesmerized by it. I know I am. There are beautify valleys full of wild flowers and bees that dance from blossom to blossom. There are sapphire clear waters where amazing creatures swim from coral to coral.


I want to watch your face when you take your first bite of a sweet corn. I want to hear your giggles when I tickle your toes. I want to hear your amazement after we watch my favourite movies together. Popcorn all over your little hands and face.

When we walk in the forest I want to hold your little hand and climb. At the summit I want to boost you up onto my shoulders and watch the sunrise across the plains. World, meet My daughter! My most amazing creation! My proudest accomplishment!

My beautiful daughter in our beautiful world!

This world could also be an ugly one. You may hate it sometimes. I still struggle. There are a lot of miserable people out there. Some live in tin roof huts and some live in gold plated mansions. Some are haunted by guns and bombs. Others are tortured by their demons within. All hungry ghosts, all surrounding us, all needing help.

When you become scared hold on to me. I can remind you that we are one. With the light and the darkness. When you are happy kiss my cheeks. Make me the most blessed person on earth. Remind me of the reasons we exist. When you are ready to take flight don’t forget to say goodbye. Know that a pair of old, moist eyes will be watching you from afar, always.

Hello Daughter. It is I. I am sitting on a wet chair in our garden writing to you after the rain. For thirty nine weeks I watched you grow. From a poppy seed to a watermelon. For the next eighteen years I will watch you mature. From an infant to a strong woman ready to take on the world.

Hello Daughter. It is I. I am an ordinary man with all my triumphs and shortcomings. I am an imperfect being like the world you are coming into. I am doing the best I can to make this place just a little bit nicer for your arrival. But no matter how much I try it does not seem to be enough.

Hello Daughter. It is I. I need you to dry my tears  when I cry. I need you to show me hope when all is a lie. I need you to teach me the secrets of life. I need you to help our world try and try.

Hello Daughter. It is I. I will love you until I die…



Your Father


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