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Peace as a state of being


Once upon a time, deep in the mountains of central China a student visited the humble home of a grand master in brush painting. After catching his breath from the arduous climb the student asked: “Master, how do you make a perfect painting? All my work seem to have flaws in them. I struggle for years but I don’t improve.”

To this the grand master said without hesitation: “First you make yourself impervious to humanly shortcomings, then you just paint normally.”

All human beings desire peace but few experience it on a constant basis. Why is that? To me, peace is like power, it has to come from within. This inner peace comes as a result of a deep and complete understanding of the interconnectedness of self and universe.

On the banks of Lake Victoria three zebras are drinking. Zebra number one thinks: “eat, fuck, run.” Zebra number two thinks: “I need to dominate his herd so I can eat the best grass and spread my seeds widely.” Zebra number three thinks: ” I am part of an infinite whole. At the moment I am a zebra. This is my herd.”


People love Donald Trump because he promises to “Make America Great Again”. He did not promise to “Make America Peaceful”. But one should ask what is greatness without peace? What does wealth and power mean without harmony?

Today there is a looming economic war between USA and China. Two nations competing for world wide dominance and influence. Each side has their reasons and stories. They all want a bigger piece of the pie and the only place they think they can get it is from each other’s plate. When observed from outer space this so called war is just some scuffling between two schoolyard bullies over a toy. They do not see there is a whole universe waiting for them outside their little sandbox.

You cannot have peace until your soul is at peace. If you lived a life of cut-throat business deals, frequent hostile takeovers and political intrigues how can you believe life can be anything different. When we choose leaders we should choose them for their ability to envision and harvest peace. To do that they need first to be at peace with themselves. Dalai Lama is at peace; Desmond Tutu is at peace; Trump? I leave that one for you to answer.

If one day you find yourself standing on a piece of iron ore spinning erratically at neck-breaking speed near the edge of the galaxy while a gigantic dying star is moving closer and closer to you every minute, I hope you won’t panic. It’s just the start of summer holidays on planet earth.

Peace out my friends!



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