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What really stopped the Arms Race?


Today about half of the world’s population still remember the Arms Race. That number is going down every year. The way our education system is going, pretty soon people will think it was some sort of weird competition involving walking on your hands.

Sorry to be the buzz-kill but the Arms Race was one of the scariest times of human history. At the peak the USSR and USA possessed enough bombs to scorch the earth 32 times. Say it with me, THIRTY TWO TIMES! That’s bombing ourselves Hiroshima style or better every day for a whole month and still have ammos left at the end. Every inch of the earth would be crispy and every form of life would be extra extra extra extra well-done if you talk steak terms.

The history books will tell you president Reagan and his counterpart at the Kremlin finally came to their senses and stopped the race toward mutual destruction. I will tell you a small camera stopped it.

To make sure the nuclear bombs fell far away from themselves the brainy people in white overcoats designed powerful rockets. One day some of them thought it would be a good idea to try to go to the moon. Especially since they don’t like the idea of becoming crispy steaks here on Earth.

When they got to the Moon someone remembered to take a selfie for Earth. Naturally with all selfies the Moon got in the way in the foreground and obscured the shot. The now famous photograph is called “Earthrise”. No one had any idea of the impact it would have on our world.


When the photograph is published it made the religious fanatics and flat earth theorists lose many nights of sleep, but it made the rest of the humanity pause. Collectively, we all paused. From Tokyo to London; from Shanghai to New York; from Moscow to Washington; From Calcutta to Melbourn… we paused and did something we have not done in a very long time. We opened our hearts, just a little, because we still have memories of hurting. But through that tiny sliver of opening the brilliance of the universal intelligence came in, and camped out. The light tells us we are one, we are one, we are one.

Through music like “Imagine” and “Give Peace a Chance” the People rose up and told each other we are made of Love not Hate; We are made of Courage not Fear; We are made of Flesh not Metals;

To say water is weak is to admit you’ve never heard of the Grand Canyon. We are all drops of water. Individually we are easily pushed around and evaporated, but when we collect into pools and flow like great rivers and join the ocean we are all Powerful Badasses. We can move mountains and crack continents.

Paradigm shift is what we needed to mobilize. Thanks to a tiny camera click from the Moon, millions of Badasses took to the streets and turned this Titanic around and saved humanity. Tell our children our story. Teach them to open their hearts. Remind them to never underestimate the power of connecting to the universe. This is the true story of how we earned our stay on planet Earth.

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  1. Another amazing expression Zheng, of how global evolution developes going through history and how political flexibility can change in a moment.
    Yes with one little click there is a picture of earth in living colour that our song writters sing of the glory of love in this garden of Eden. So well done.
    Warfare and power totally need to step back as we can use our power of love within to connect us all together from corner to corner and shore to shore.
    As John Lennon said ” All you need is love ”
    In the early 1960’s President J. F. Kennedy, announced that the U.S. will challenge itself to land on the moon by the end of the decade. I did not notice at the time that he meant lets use our nuclear bomb energy to propel our astronautics to the outer space exploration. He was a very clever man. And Russia met his match but did not win the race.
    So now we are still here living on our planet earth and looking at the moon in wonder.

    I enjoyed reading your Blog and it brought back some memories of when I was a young kid and all this was developing. Then all of sudden Kennedy was assassinated in 1964,
    and President Johnson got the high chair for awhile then Richard Nixon, won the next election and started drafting students into warriors and sent them off to Vietnam, to be killed.
    There was all this protest in US society and Students were getting shot to death at university marches in Ohio.
    All because of blindness and political greed. Politicians don’t see love they only want to see cash flow. But if you love the earth try rolling in a huge mud bath and get totally dirty then jump in the river to clean up. Now that’s getting right into our earth and it feels great !

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  2. Who said the arms race is over?
    Ever wonder why everyone seen on tv carrying a gun that isn’t a U.S. citizen is carrying the same model AK-47? Because Russia mass manufacturers them.

    Each year more bombs and guns are made. Each year the World total of armaments increases.

    Sobering, but true; the arms race never ended, we just acclimatized to it and thus normalized it.

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    • Agree, I am reading Simon Sinek’s Infinite Game. Many games are indeed continuing. There is no clear end to hunger, homelessness, child abuse etc. We just have to adjust our mindset and put our best foot forward always.


  3. Any garden in the world will grow weeds of all kinds that try to smoother your good intentions of growing vegetables , fruits and flowers. As you water the garden all the roots are busy sucking up the water like employees trying to get as many hours per day to show off their efforts. Still the gardener must keep busy hoeing the soil and removing the weeds without disturbing the selected crop that you will hopefully be able to harvest and share the fresh nutrients with family members. So I guess the world is every persons garden and there will always be weeds no matter how much time is spent picking them out. However there will also always be fruit if there is persistence if not the weeds will win. But this is where love comes in because if you love whatever you want to love then you will spend time mentally and physically attending to the value and that takes constant effort.
    So now there are 2 big gardens spanning across the globe. USA and Iran, and the gardeners are Trump and who is the other gardener ? Hey wait a minute who is pulling out the weeds in Iranian garden ?


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