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Why does this keep happening?

Second Patient Died Of Pneumonia In Wuhan

Today is the eve of Lunar New Year. But a virus is all I can think about. At the risk of sounding like an alarmist I will say this. Human aggression on our home planet is out of control. If you think I am out of control just hear me out.

In any natural environment there are checks and balances in place to make sure no one species dominates. If a tiger kills too many deers the next season it will starve. If a shark eats too many fish then it becomes too slow and will be prey for other sharks. If an ant colony gets too big then deadly bacteria will wipe it out.

On Planet Earth humans are clearly the dominant species. We are unchecked in our exploitation of resources; in our extraction of energy; in our treatment of other living beings. So where are our checks and balances? War, diseases, natural and man-made disasters. Ironically if you ask any high school overachievers what their mission in life is, they will answer “work for World Peace, cure cancer, end hunger, or homelessness, or teenage suicides, or AIDS.”

Is it me or are we trying to fight nature? A) We evolved to become the only dominant species on a planet. B) We have unrelenting aggression toward our home planet and its inhabitants. C) The planet enacts natural mechanisms to keep our population down. D) We strive to develop new technology to “beat” nature and keep on truckin’.


How do we think this game will end? Ending number one – We win. We succeed in beating nature and more humans live longer and healthier so we can all consume more of the planet’s resources. Finally we find ourselves on a chunk of charcoal. Ending number two – We lose. Nature finds a way to keep our population down for good and we struggle to survive and blame each other for our shortened miserable lives.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like either of the two endings. What if we are meant to play a different game. What if that game is infinite? What if that game has no clear winners and losers?

Let us look at cancer for instance. What causes cancer? Natural and artificial toxicants. Where did the artificial toxicants come from? We made them. Why? For money and because we are misinformed. Can we get informed and make money doing something else? Certainly.

Teenage Suicides. What causes them? Depression. Why are they depressed? Lack of love and attention. Where can they get love and attention? Family and friends. Why don’t the parents love and care for their children? They don’t know enough and are busy making money. Can they find a way to make money AND love their children? Certainly, if they knew how.

You get the point. If you ask “why” a few times more than usual you get to the real root cause. All of people’s problems come down to a couple of root causes: The Lack of Love and The Lack of Knowledge and Understanding of our time.

Now more than ever, we need more Love and more Knowledge. The universal kind of love and the holistic kind of knowledge. As I am writing this blog my home town of Wuhan is in lock down mode. A metropolis of eleven million people has become a gigantic prison and everyone inside is sentenced to an indefinite stay. Some are sentenced to death. This is a big and important lesson. If we do not learn from it the world will one day become our prison.


What actions can we take today? 1) Stop and clear your mind; 2) Examine your impact to our home planet; 3) If you are doing more harm than good you must stop immediately; 4) If you are doing more good than harm then you must keep going and recruit others. 5) You must start to spread more love, knowledge and understanding among those around you. You must start to care for something bigger than yourself, bigger than your family or friends, bigger than your country, bigger than your species. You must care for the universe that you are a part of.

May the long time sun shine upon you, All love surround you. And the pure light within you lead your way on.

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With Love


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