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2020 Vision


Humanity is sent to our rooms to reflect on what we’ve done. “And Don’t come out until you are ready to apologize!” We collectively hear our mother say. But but but… we didn’t mean to.

We cannot love one ideal and live out our lives in another.

Humans have be calling for a revolution ever since the first strong man (or woman) dominated a rocky hill. There is always someone who thinks he (or she) can do better than that “dumb headed” Grogg.

I called up my investment advisor the other day to check on my nest egg. He politely told me I lost a significant amount of my portfolio value and calmly encouraged me to keep the money where it is and wait out the storm. By the way, he also added, there will be escalating withholding taxes if I chose to withdraw. It dawned on me this is exactly why we are so comfortable with the status quo.

We shout at the top of our lungs when some crowd rousing song comes on the radio or some flag-waving drunken lunatic passes us by when we win a championship. But when we sit down to look at the numbers a voice tells us “We better keep the money in there.” “We better not quit this stable job.” “We better not have the career-change.” “I cannot afford that trip.” “It’s better if we just stay friends.” “There is always tomorrow.” This is our old friend Mr. Fear.

Growth happens three centimeters outside of your comfort zone. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. These are not just cool slogans for the Graffiti Valley, they are the truth.


Somethings are less true. Such as the rules setup by men. Just the other day we went on a family hike by the river. Missy M was tired and the next bench was occupied. Nearby we see a private stairway. So we decided to sit on it. In the past I would choose to keep walking until we find another bench. But something tells me that it is okay to trespass. Because the sun, the air, the river is here for us to enjoy. We are all renters anyway. What harm are we doing to the person who “owns” the stairway? I am not saying we should all start infringing on each other’s rights. I am saying rules should be kept to increase harmony not reinforce division. “We cannot own land if we are also going to be buried in it. We can try to be a good steward of it.” The first nations elders have much to teach us.

In this Pandemic we are given a chance to reappraise our lives. If we are waiting for an revolution this just might be it. What positive changes will you bring about? On yourself and on our world. There will always be a few loud mouths who urges us to “get back to work and stop whining. This is an election year for pete’s sake.”  But will you listen to them or will you listen to your heart? Who deserves it more?

For the time being, I kept my money in the portfolio. But I’ve also started looking at opportunities to put my money where my heart it. Spring is in the air. It is time to plant your own seeds of desire. Let it grow in the post Covid-19 world so that our children can enjoy the fruits of prosperity and get to know true human spirits.


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