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Mother’s Day Bundt Cake


First Mother’s Day without my mother. Feeling somewhat empty. Woke up around 7 AM and wanted to do something for the mother who IS here – mother of Mabel. So I decided to bake a bundt cake as a Mother’s day surprise for Toby.

Name: Mother’s Day Bundt Cake

Difficulty: As difficult as you want to make it, just like your life.

Time: A lifetime or about 50 mins.

Ingredients: Lots and lots of Love and some other stuff.



  1. Wake up in a semi-controlled panic remembering you haven’t gotten any present for Mother’s Day.
  2. Go down to the kitchen and gather some lemon and flour randomly.
  3. Let yourself wake up a bit more and find the only clean cake pan you know how to use.
  4. Mix some flour with some oil and some eggs and sugar. You decide. I added a lemon just because.
  5. Grease the cake pan and remember to put a teaspoon of baking powder in the mix, or was it Table Spoon?
  6. Don’t bother pre-heating the oven, that’s for thick-wristed medieval kitchen maids who need to stoke the fire. turn it to somewhere between 350 to 375 Fahrenheit. Remembering the movie Fahrenheit 911, NO! Re-Focus!
  7. Pour the cake mix (I believe this is the right term) into the pan and place it in mid rack or whatever the rack is at because it is now too hot to handle.
  8. Bake the cake for 45 mins.
  9. While waiting, google some recipes for bundt cake online and realize how wrong you were. Put on STRONG coffee.
  10. After 45 mins, serve whatever comes out of the oven with a HUGE SMILE and say “Happy Mother’s Day!” Whipped Cream helps A LOT.


Oh I almost forgot! The most important step! Clean up after yourself! Soak everything in the sink and then load the dishwasher. There is nothing worse than finding the kitchen a level four disaster zone for the mother. Trust me on this one.

Point is, do something nice for the mothers around you. Remember the mothers who are no longer here. Foster love and respect for future mothers who are growing into that sacred role. Mothers are our everything. When they are gone they leave an unfillable hole in the middle of our soul. We can either sulk in that void or bake a bundt cake and celebrate the bitter sweetness around that nostalgic emptiness. Say it with your soul: “Mama, Wo Ai Ni! Mother, I Love You!”

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