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Lives matter – period


We are all human beings sitting on a big piece of rock called Earth.

Have you ever taken a holiday during the school year. You get back to class and hand in the work your teacher sent you. Your smile stretches from ear to ear because you expect a big “Well done”. Then you discover the rest of the class did not even do them. In fact they are lagging behind the curriculum. My word! Were they slacking off?!?

I feel like that sometimes with the US of A. I feel they don’t deserve an A. May be a B or a C.

I am not saying I am perfect, Canada is perfect or the rest of the world is perfect. But we can still comment without being perfect can’t we? Americans are fighting the same fight as fifty years ago, heck, even a hundred fifty years ago. Why? Could it be that they are barking off the wrong tree? You can walk to the other side of the tree and change your viewpoint. But it is still the wrong tree.

When I hear “Black Lives Matter.” I immediately question: what lives don’t matter? Yes we want to focus on African Americans because we want to shore up the lowest crack on the dike. But are we sending the wrong overall message? By first acknowledge someone’s “Blackness” are we self-defeating the true message?


Black vs. White is only relevant in chess.

I had an African Canadian lady friend who worked as a paralegal in a big city. When I asked about how she feels being a minority she says she is tired. She feels drained because people don’t treat her like a normal human being. “I don’t want special privileges, I just want to be like everyone else and forget my blackness. Even just for one day.”

Imagine if they treated near-sightedness like a disability. Every February is “Distant visually challenged month”. Every first friday of September is “Hug a Glasses Gal Day”. People wear fake glasses just to show solidarity. People get out of your way; hold doors for you; remove tree branches in your path; give you priority seating just because you wore glasses. Every single time someone does something nice for you, you would have to question: is it because I am near-sighted? You would find it fun for a week or two but a lifetime of this? You would get contact lens.

My point is Lives Matter. Period. Black, white, brown, yellow, green. Even a KKK, skinhead, racist, white supremacist’s life matter. He may be a devoted father and husband who does community services and helps out a neighbour in need. He may have been brainwashed and indoctrinated at a young age when his brain was still forming, but that does not mean his life does not matter. We all have the opportunity to heal together.

I possess an acute sense of smell for meaningless propaganda, double-talk and group think because I lived through communist China. Movements with good intentions married to political correctness sprinkled with an unhealthy dose of Western naivety and linear logic is destined to fizzle out and die. Fifty years later our children’s children would have to fight the same fight.


Unique individuals blessed with each other’s companionship

So stop slacking off. Let us take this opportunity to uncover the root cause. Let us get at the center of what divides us. Only then can we heal as humanity. Let us liberate ourselves from the primordial ‘us vs. them’ instinct and elevate to a higher existence. Let us see one another as individuals whose ancestors simply left Africa on different schedules. Let us refuse to feel guilt, shame, remorse, ineptitude, privileged, underprivileged, righteous, hurt, wronged, indebted, accused, disabled etc. just because the colour of our skins. Let us all do our homework, do them correctly so we don’t have to repeat the same lesson again and again.

My brothers and sister, in the end, the VERY END. When the bell tolls. We will all wake up and realize ONLY LOVE MATTERS.


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