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Why Guanyu Matters?



A statue is a baby of the sculptor. David is the baby of Michelangelo. Guanyu statue is therefore my child. He is not perfect, but what is?


I would like to talk about Guanyu and why his statue matters. Guanyu is a legendary general who lived in the Three Kingdoms era (220-280 CE). In times of trouble, people always look to him for a sense of Good, Righteousness, Justice and Loyalty. By god we are in times of trouble. This is why I was called to create his statue to remind the people.


Guanyu’s war tunic is adorned with a dragon. Dragons are powerful forces of nature. Yet Guanyu is the master of that mysterious force. He who can be disciplined to master himself can be the creator of his own destiny. No matter how daunting the world looks, there is always a way to achieve serenity and peace.


Guanyu’s armour is made of interlocking tiles of geometric shapes. This symbolizes the interconnectedness of humanity. We all play a role and we are all required in the bigger picture. The tighter we stay together we stronger we are. Yet we should not forget the fact that we are all here for each other. We work for the greater good of the world.


Guanyu’s weapon is called Green Dragon Crescent Blade. It is the symbol of justice and righteousness. It is an affirmation that the universe will deal with those who are guilty and wicked. We should first try to help those who errored but if our efforts go unnoticed then swift justice shall be carried out to maintain order and peace.


Guanyu wears a pair of riding boots. It symbolizes his down to earth character. He is not a god flowing on clouds. To seek the truth, one must walk in other’s shoes and tastes other’s bitterness. We all should return to the simpler ways of life once in a while. We should travel and understand each other’s ways of life and points of view. We all should stay open minded as much as we can. This is the best way to stay compassionate and sympathetic.


In the back of the statue is my personal seal. My family name “Wang” and my given name “Zheng” is clearly declared. Wang means King or Kingly. Zheng means Righteousness or Positive. I acknowledge my ancestors for creating me and I sign all my artwork with this honour.


The Statue of Guanyu helped me spend my time during COVID quarantine. It made me feel useful and creative at a time of stagnation. I hope it will help many more people to hold on to faith and hope in this time of high chaos. I believe in all the goodness in this world. I am inspired by where we came from and I am incredibly hopeful for where we are going. Truth, Happiness and Love have not disappeared. They are just playing hide and seek.

Keep holding on my brothers and sisters. This too shall pass.


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