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Racial Purity

I just finished reading a book by Heather Morris. It is based on the true story of the Tattooist of Auschwitz. You might think “Well, that’s such a far removed story from a distant time and a faraway land.” That is not entirely true. My wife’s grandfather was an Auschwitz survivor. So when my daughter asked “Wh’t talking bout?” I had to tell her the truth: “They are talking about the man who pierced the skin of your great grandfather when he was a twelve-year old boy.”

All humanity is incredibly interconnected. That is why Dr. Wayne W. Dyer tells us to be open to everything and get attached to nothing.

I remember when I had just finished visiting Auschwitz Berkennel. It started to rain. I was walking on the pebble stone road back to the bus station. Beside the road there was a wheat field. Without knowing why, I plucked a piece of wheat and put it in my pocket.

Inside the bus it was crowded. The windows fogged up like a gas chamber. Within moments I could not see the main building of the concentration camp. Its shadow enveloped by fog became smaller and smaller. I held my tears when I saw the thousands of pairs of children’s shoes. I held my tears when I saw a room full of human hair. I held my tears when I saw the pile of eyeglasses and prosthetic legs and arms. But here, on this lumbering and cramped bus I could no longer hold it. I let it out. I let it flow. I let my heart burst. I hid my drenched face and pretended to watched the rain running down the glass outside. How fortunate for me to leave this place. For many precious souls this was their “The End”. The stories they had, the stories they were going to have, all became a pile of ashes and smoke, all got scattered into the wind. The only thing left is regrets, hatred and pain.

I touched that ear of wheat in my pocket. Seventy years turned the ashes into dirt. Wheat grows in these dirt. We eat the wheat. Without knowing it we carry the dead in our bodies. All are connected. Time stands eternal. No matter how much wrong is planted they cannot change the truth: We are One.

German Nazis, Polish Jews, Gypsies, American Soldiers, Russian commandos, we are all human beings. Those who treats others as non humans forfeits his own humanity. Those who holds true to whom they are as a member of the human race prevails. Love Conquers all, in the End.

I remember hearing a touching story. During WWII a group of forced slave labourers from China were working in a field in Japan. An old local woman gave one of them a piece of rice ball. The Japanese overseer kicked the rice ball away. To his total surprise the woman stuck her arms out again with another rice ball. The overseer kicked it to the ground again and became angry. He berated the old woman:”These are Chinese Pigs, they are not human!” The old woman picked up the lunch that she insisted on sharing and said:”I am old and my eyes are failing, but I can still see that these are men. When men are hungry they need to eat.” With that she started passing her rice balls again to the slave labourers. The overseer gave up and walked away shaking his head.

Everytime I hear stories of war, nationalism, intolerance, racism, ultra-patriotism, xenophobia, divisiveness I think of that old Japanese woman. Even her Emperor, the legendary son of the Sun god, could not change her mind about what makes a human being. Her stubborn holding on of her truth is what gives us hope. I returned from Auschwitz, the darkest corner of human history. I smuggled out a handful of golden seeds of Love, Compassion and Hope. I need to pass them on, to you and many like you, so they can take root and grow in every corner of the globe.

We are all racially pure. We are 100% pure human race. And that is an encouraging thought my friend.


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