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A hitchhiker’s guide to Vision Boarding

A friend asked me once “does vision boarding really work?” My answer was: “Only if you want it to.” According to Dr. Wayne Dyer we are all created and ran by the one Universal Intelligence Force. The thing we desire already exists; we are already connected to it through the same Force. Therefore all we have to do is to figure out how to navigate to our destinations.

Vision board is a treasure hunting map created from intuition, Your intuition. If a person had a map and never look at it will it work? Of course not. So vision boarding works when you re-align your direction to it everyday.

Without further ado here are my 5 steps to vision boarding.

Step 1) accumulate a bunch of your favourite magazines. Collect images and words over a period of two months. They have to stir something within you. They have to resonate with a part of you. There needs to be an emotional reaction when you see them.

Step 2) meditate on your life. Find a place and time where your mind and body can go quiet. Be silent; be at peace; be unapologetically you. Let your mind wander a bit then ask yourself one question: “Want do I really want?” Your mind may be flooded with replies. Don’t panick, let the dust settle and grab the nearest three things you want. Write them down.

Step 3) have a vision boarding party with family and friends. This the the fun part. Call up your closest friends. 3-5 makes a good crowd. Tell them to bring some magazines, scissors, glue and cardboard. Sit in a circle and go hog wild. Snack and drinks are encouraged, just don’t over do it. The instruction is: “Create a collage of your ideal life that is 12 months into the future.”

Step 4) invite the vision board into your life. Find an auspicious location in your home and install the vision board there. Make sure it is visible daily. Everytime something good happens in your life goto the board and check if it was in your vision. Gaze at it like a portrait of a beautiful lover. Caresse it like you caresse a baby’s forehead when she is asleep. This board is your child, grow it into your life.

Step 5) live your purpose. The last step is to go into the wild world and carry the visions with you. Instead of going with the flow you go with the energy and desires within yourself.

“You cannot give away what you don’t have yourself.”(Dr. W. Dyer) So go ahead, claim happiness, health, peace and prosperity and that shiny new motorcycle. Claim it, enjoy it and share it with other deserving human beings!

Finally, in 12 months time please come back and tell us how it went.


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