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Life on a Cruise Ship

Artwork on the Chichiman

Have you ever been on a cruise ship? It is a fascinating place. I took a cruise to the Bahamas a few years back. For the first few days I did the usual things: over-eating; over-drinking; sex in crammed corners; fiddle with the cute fire extinguishers… Then I got to think. What if the entire planet is simply a gigantic cruise ship?

What if in REALITY we are all miners at a penal colony on the outer edge of Epsilon Galaxy near Orion’s belt? And once in a thousand years we get to come to Earth for a vacation? All the usual signs are there: we come here with almost nothing and leave with almost nothing; we are forced to mingle with people we’ve never met and may never meet again; we are all assigned to a spot but are free to explore and upgrade or downgrade. The money here doesn’t mean anything when we leave.

Life on earth should not be taken TOO seriously, it may just be a place for us to relax and breathe in and breathe out. If you spend your life tirelessly collecting drinks coupons or meticulously timing your dinner reservations or jealously competing with the ladies at poolside, by the time to disembark you may feel you haven’t had a vacation at all. Down the hatches of the mine you go.

I love ships! This is the USS Iowa.

I am not suggesting you dance through life like a social butterfly. Because our actions, even on a cruise ship, matter. If you are polite, kind and caring to others; if you struck up an engaging conversation; if you formed long-lasting friendships. These stay with you forever. If you didn’t tip the porter; if you littered into the sea; if you didn’t help an elderly person. These also stay with you afterwards.

Albert Pike said: “What we have done for ourselves dies with us, what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.” So even in a brief encounter (100 years is peanuts in cosmic terms) we can inject our spirit and energy into something worthwhile. What if you started a dance line at the bar? What if you taught all the kids to snorkel? What if you performed wonderful music for the crowd? What if you painted portraits for old couples? What if you wrote poems to share with people? What if you helped out in the mechanical room: What if you spotted a dolphin? or an iceberg? What if you saved our cruise ship from oncoming disaster?

All told, earth is very much like a giant cruise ship. We all have limited times on it. How we spend our vacation is entirely up to us. The only thing you cannot do is demanding your money back if you didn’t enjoy it.

You know it’s gonna be good when Cpt. Mabel is at the helm.


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  1. Yes another great write up Zen.
    You are moving people to believe that life could be a carnival of happy and animated episodes of enjoyment.
    Why not give back to life and world we share the respect and honour of being human living on a beautiful planet.
    Mother earth has given mankind everything to live a reasonable life if we all look around and appreciate the game plan and love what we have.
    Life is like a garden that needs continuous maintenance pulling out the weeds and irrigating the soil to grow and harvest all the production.
    But I do not have to emphasize that because you are already a miracle worker.


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