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Photo Contest

Photo contests are fun, but they are even more interesting when the competition is between two different equipment. On a sunny morning, I decided to settle the age-old debate on “What’s better? Kit Lens (ones that comes with the camera) or L Series Lens? (ones you buy after a debate with your significant other)” I have been a faithful Canon shooter since my first Rebel so this is a much featured topic in my 2AM insomnias.

Test Topic: Canon Zoom Kit Lens 75-300mm Ultrasonic vs. L Series Lens 24-70mm Ultrasonic

Test Base Equipment: Canon 5D Mkiii

Test Subject: Rufous and Calliope Hummingbirds

Test Method: Shoot birds with both lens blazing and compare aftermath in Photoshop.

I set up the camera near the birdfeeder and tried to remain discrete. With the Kit Lens I was able to set up 4.5 meters away. Hummingbirds are shy so this helps a bit. Camera shutter didn’t scare them away as often. With the L-Series Lens my zoom was capped at 70mm. (My pocket isn’t deep enough for the L-Series Zoom Lens at the moment.) Therefore I had to move within 1.5 meters of the feeder to get a decent shot. It took a bit more time but eventually the birds didn’t mind the camera. This test is not about keeping the zoom length the same. I’m simply looking for the best photograph I can shoot with the lens.

The Results are In:

Overall, both lens performed exceptionally well. The L-Series Lens produced better bokeh effects (the out of focus circles in the background) but that can also be a matter of opinion. Both images were sharp and there is no difference in terms of colour differentiation or contrast detailing.

I have to note that the lighting condition was optimal for my test. In low light and time-sensitive conditions I can see the L-Series Lens out performing. Because it lets in more light to the sensors and it can hold focus while zooming. The latter is quite important if you are shooting videos.

The Winner is L-Series Lens! It was a very narrow margin only based on better looking Bokeh effect.

Fine print: Zen is a trained photographer and videographer and is a member of the Director’s Guild of Canada. He has ten years of professional experience making TV shows and movies both in the industry and as an independent filmmaker. His team produced five documentaries which were premiered in Toronto, Canada. His socially conscious and environmentally themed films were chosen by universities and non-profit organization to raise awareness and funding. If you are interested in screening his films and collaborations drop him a line in the contact page. Cheers.


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