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Do you still believe in Love?

Internment Camp in interior B.C.

Buddha’s disciple comes back from the world distraught and says: “I am lost, hurt and disheartened. The world doesn’t care about our message.” Buddha asks: “Do YOU still believe in our message?” Disciple answers: “Yes.” “Then you are NOT lost.” says the Buddha.

Our family recently visited the Nikkei Internment Memorial Centre in New Denver British Columbia. More than 20,000 Canadians of Japanese origin were forcibly uprooted and confined to camps throughout Canada during WWII. Their properties were sold off to pay for their own internment. In harsh winter, they lived in tents before their shacks could be built. For years, they were confined to small, shared, uninsulated dwellings with communal outhouses. If anyone resisted they were sent to labour camps where they were separated from their families and issued jump suits with targets painted on their backs.

What crimes did the 20,000 Canadians commit? The best answer is they looked asian and had family names like Oda, Honda, Sato, Ito or Suzuki.

Fishermen’s boats were confiscated and sold off.

In 1988, almost fifty years after the internment, the government of Canada finally admitted the wrong. The prime minister of the time signed an acknowledgement condemning the racist act of the past. With a stroke of the pen, they hoped to erase the past fifty years of suffering; they hoped to console the 20,000 lives forever changed; they hoped to never repeat the same mistake ever again.

Fast forward to 2021. Canada is still controlled by a so-called democratic government with a white man at the helm. We think we’ve evolved and are wiser and more just than our forefathers. Race, gender, religion are no longer acceptable basis for discrimination. What do homo sapiens do? We find new ways of segregation.

Mingle your DNA and Immunal defense system with what the Pharmaceutical companies deem safe and profitable and you will be welcomed back into society with open arms. Do it not and your lives shall be very difficult.

An excerpt from the 1945 Notice to All Persons of Japanese Racial Origin reads: “may seriously prejudice their own future by delay.” The same tone is used to coerce people into getting the vaccination for COVID today. “There will be consequences…”

Millions of Canadians turned a blind eye while some of us suffered.

Fast forward to year 2050 (if we are still here). A new Canadian Prime Minister is sitting down with a New Redress Document in front of her. She is a great grandchild of one of us today.

It reads: ” As a people, Canadians commit themselves to the creation of a society that ensures equality and justice for all, regardless of their degree of trust in a pharmaceutical industry driven health care system. Despite perceived medical necessities at the time, the forced exclusion, expulsion and discrimination of Canadian citizens who chose not to inject themselves with vaccines of unproven long-term effects during the COVID 19 crisis was unjust in retrospect. It was a clear and gross violation of the UN declaration of human rights.”

Near the end of the document it reads: “The government reaffirms that each citizen has a sacred right to his/her own bodies. They do not belong to the state. The government of Canada pledge to ensure, to the full extent that its powers allow, that such events will not happen again in the future.”

The young future Prime Minister pauses for a moment before she signs. She looks into space, as if trying to make eye contact with her great grandparents through time. She wonders. When they came to divide and conquer them, did they still believe in LOVE?

COVID = COnquer & diVIDe


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