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Moral Compass

M participating in a silent rally against Vaxx Pass Mandate

We live in unprecedented times. I know this because so many of our well-known campaigns will have to be scrapped or changed.

Anti-bullying. How do we teach kids bullying is unacceptable when they say: “but dad, you let the government bully you into getting the vaccine. “

Reproductive Freedom. “My body my choice.” Will have to be: “My body my choice when it is convenient to do so without making other people uncomfortable.”

Anti-discrimination(race, gender, religion, creed…). Do we say it is unacceptable to discriminate except when it comes to medical beliefs. In which case we discriminate systematically and wholeheartedly.

The list of course goes on and on. Will these campaigns whither away and be forgotten? History tells us yes. In Nazi Germany, women’s rights movement was swept away in a sea of ultra-nationalism. In post colonial India animal rights groups were ridiculed while the nation is trying to feed the hungry. Anti-slavery movements were started before the American Revolutionary War, but had to wait their turn a hundred years later.

Let’s look at the driving force behind the major changes today-COVID. I personally know of four individuals who contracted COVID. Three of them recovered after a few nights of fever and difficulty breathing. The fourth person suffered for a week or so before recovering. None of them needed to go to the emergency. Most of my friends and relatives are vaccinated. Most of them had minor reactions to the vaccine so far. Two had somewhat intense side effects and one has severe side effects lasting months.

So if you are vaccinated or not by in large our lives are not in dire mortal danger. There is a 99.97% survival rate for COVID. Let’s not panic and resort to police state martial law; let’s not divide our society into rule followers and rebels; let’s not surrender our hard won rights and medical freedom; let’s not let a primordial microscopic organism define Homo sapien’s future.

August Landmesser, a man with strong moral compass.

On a cold winter night you are just about to close your restaurant and there’s a knock on the door. A mother and child from out of town is looking for a bowl of hot soup under a roof and a washroom. Everyone else is closed and you are the only place still open in this small town. Mother cannot produce her vaccine passport. Do you let them in or shut them out? What does your moral compass point toward? How will you recount this night to your children?

My friends, make no mistake, we are writing the next chapters of our story. Our decisions will define our generation in the history books of the future.


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