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Pee in the Pool

Throughout this pandemic/plandemic, logic and rational thinking has been hard hit. Here’s a couple of familiar stories.

Story one: a person states COVID is the deadliest virus this world has ever seen therefore we must mandate vaccination.

Me: “how many COVID death do you personally know of?”

Answer: “One.”

Me: “During the bubonic plague, one in three people died.”

Answer: “Well, modern travel made it extremely spreadable.”

Me: “So you are telling me the virus is not deadly but it is our human organization that is the real danger?”


Story two: a restaurant worker complains how people are reluctant to wear masks when entering the restaurant.

Me: “They need a mask to enter but as soon as they sit down they can take it off?”

Answer: “Yes.”

Me: “What if they enter while sitting in a wheelchair?”


Me: “Do you check customers for vaccination passport?”

Answer: “Yes.”

Me: ” Are the restaurant staff fully vaccinated? ”

Answer: “No!”

These and other COVID rules sound like ” if you must pee in the pool, go pee in the corner!” kind of bogus rules. A bunch of self-delusional lunacies used to train sheep and slaves. The examples of fear-based, non-sensical policies are endless of course. After millions of years of evolution we are still wielding big clubs blindly when there’s a sound in the dark. How come?

The truth is we all have two brains. Emotional and Rational. We can call them the elephant and the rider. At the start of the pandemic our elephant brain reacts to fear and chooses a path. Then we spend the rest of the time justifying that initial decision in stead of checking our maps. When the bullets stop flying in our heads, it is very helpful to take a pause and look at our compass.

DEEP BREATH. Let us all acknowledge that COVID is a real virus with a 99.93% survival rate. Let us also acknowledge that while vaccination may work for some people it does not work for others. Therefore the right to refuse is fundamental to human values. Whether you are vaxxed, unvaxxed, masked, unmasked, we love you. We want you to be healthy and happy as long as your happiness isn’t based on other’s misery. Let us join hands and link arms to make that happen on our terms (not the government or special interest groups). Hatred, fear, bigotry, discrimination, bullying, divisiveness has no place in the new world we want to leave behind for our children.

By the way, if you keep telling your children to pee in the corner don’t be surprised to find yourself in deep #$%^ one day.

Is this how future generations will know us by?


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  1. Good one👍
    In these last 2 years there’s been more people I know die then any other time period. Im in my late sixties. Four exactly but they died of Covid but also were cancer patients undergoing extensive treatment or in Hospice or Pallative Care.
    Like you I don’t know anyone who really died of just Covid. Although I’m sure there was one friend only 49 who died of thrombosis in early 2020. Newlywed and expecting a child. He seemed healthy though slightly higher bmi.
    But most of us are especially since Covid.
    Maybe the big “plandemic” was to fatten us all up then release another virus? 🐷 😆
    I’m not vaccinated yet. Sitting on the fence but I live in an isolated island and I don’t go anywhere 🙃 Your father and mother inlaw has been here that is how I found your website. Enjoy reading your articles especially the Japanese internment. My grandparents and parents suffered oppression. I’m not a fan of injustice. Sadly I feel the future looks a little shitty. 💩

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Joni for your insightful comment. You hit the nail in the head. If you feel unprotected and vulnerable and trust what’s in the vaccines, please go ahead and get the jab. If you don’t the society should respect your choice. That is all. If people’s sense of security is dependant on taking away other’s freedom then we have to redefine the word “vaccine”. Sorry to hear your grandparent’s and parents suffered oppression. My family is actually fortunate by comparison. But we are all a BIG family and injustice to one is injustice to all.


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