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Beyond Divisions

Years later when my grandchildren ask me what was it like to live through COVID. I would have to say the actual virus was not that deadly for most, but the division we created took many many years to repair.

Since most of the world are lifting COVID mandates and restrictions it is high time to bridge the huge crevasse between the two sides of the debate. Here is a list of pros and cons from both perspectives I have gathered.

Pros from the pro-vaccine mandate side. People on this side are very public-interest oriented. They truly believe the massive vaccination program is for the greater good. They want to protect the vulnerable population by persuading all humans to take the vaccination. They believe this is the best and only way to defeat the virus. They are the people with very strong sense of sacrifice for the greater good. They are basically selfless and self-righteous people who want others to follow their examples.

Cons with the pro-vaccine-mandate side. People on this side tend to be very trusting of the establishment. They tend to dismiss alternate avenues of information as conspiracy theories without some degree of open minded critical questioning. They believe they know best and their truth is the only truth. A bit similar to the Catholics during Crusades.

Pros from the anti-vaccine-mandate side. People on this side are very protective of freedom and the right to choose. They believe they are protecting this not just for them but for all citizens, and for all future generations. These people are good vanguards for our collective rights and freedom.

Cons with the anti-vaccine-mandate side. People on this side have a deep distrust of authority. They are often confrontational when it comes to following rules. They are also more vulnerable to unverifiable information created to confuse the issue. They may be too single-minded sometimes. Many of them experienced or know of vaccine related injuries so they project that fear onto this new vaccine.

Common grounds. The common interests from both sides is that we survive this pandemic and come out stronger than before. We all want our children to prosper and grow up in a nurturing and safe world. Another common area is that we all value our rights and freedoms. It’s just that some people feel the greater good takes precedence in special circumstances.

How to move forward? We all need to heal and move forward from this low point of our civilization. We can start by remembering the good deeds of the people from the other side. I will start by giving a personal example below.

I participated in a silent protest at a governmental facility. One of the worker there was very upset and called the police on us. We peacefully exited the place. Weeks later I returned to do some paperwork. The same lady helped me go through the entire complicated process. I feel she has done an outstanding job and even did more than her job description to make sure I am taken care of. I thank her very much and I don’t hold her earlier action against her. She might be more fearful of the virus than myself. I respect her professionalism and hold no grudges.

Please comment below and give examples of people from the other side surprising you with a showing of kindness, sympathy or understanding. Trust me it feels good to give credit where credits are due. Time to allow some love into our hearts so we can collectively heal as a nation.


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