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Future of Filmmaking


Meet Osmo, The future of film-making! Why is that? Read on.

With a big heading like that you better hope I know what I am talking about. Luckily I am. I have six plus years of film-making experience in both the indie world and the “real” world. But more importantly I am a gear junkie. I stay up to date with the latest technologies and stay connected with avant-garde gurus in the film making world. See my credentials and demo-reels at:

Back in 2002 I told RIM, the makers of Blackberry that cameras and phones are merging. They did not believe me and said we’ll focus on making a good phone, let Canon make their cameras. Where is RIM today? They fell off the Rim and can be found in the bottom of a deep and dark crevice. This crevice is caused by what we call “Evolutionary Filter”. It weeds out those organisms/organizations that cannot adapt fast enough to changing environment.

Here’s what animation looks like a hundred years ago. I love it but I am not going to make a living of doing it today.

Don’t tell my film friends this but I love the movie Ice Age. Why? I love the world they created. It is a lot like our world. Below the naked eye our world is clashing, merging, erupting, dividing, melting, exploding, morphing just like a million years ago. Powerful forces are behind these movements. When the time comes, those that cannot jump from one iceberg to the next one will spend the rest of their lives drowning in the deep end.

Sounds a bit harsh? That’s what RIM thought when I told them I won’t work for them because they won’t be in business in 10 years’ time.

Back to Osmo, it is a handheld device that stabilizes your phone so you can take smooth videos. Big Deal! Oh yes it IS a big deal. Like the Sputnik that beeped around earth in the 60’s, its significant can only be felt many years later. The Osmo signifies that the industry leaders are getting onboard with the global movement that is called “Democratic Content Creation and Sharing”. Simply put the experts predicts that in the near future everyone will have the ability to create professional-looking content and publish them online in real-time.

The birth of Osmo means that the people with money are investing in this movement. That gives the movement momentum. Momentum creates change. Change means more icebergs are coming. Opening up my latest catalogue of B&H (North America’s leading retailer of audio visual equipment) there is entire sections dedicated to mobile device film-making. From zoom lens to shotgun mics; from wireless lens to lav mics; from steadicam arms to tracks. All of them are made specifically for the mobile devices.

Film-making technology evolution in a nutshell looks like this: celluloid –> digital –> DSLR –> Mobile –>? It won’t be long before a film-maker is able to shoot a film in a day and have it delivered at the end of that day. All he needs is a team of steadicam phones and drones and a powerful wifi. The director and editor gets their footage in real time. They watch the story as it happens and puts them on the timeline. When all the slots are populated the computer automates the colour-correction and sound design. Editor does a few tweaks, lays down a couple of soundtracks. He slams the title and credits on it. Chaching! A film is made! It broadcasts across the world on Netflix that very night.

Don’t believe me? Just wait.

Believe me? Here’s what you can do to avoid being left behind.

A) Become a great storyteller. Technologies change but story is story. A Great Story never goes out of style.

B) Become involved. Stay curious and educate yourself on the latest trend. Recognize what is a passing fad and what is here to stay. Learn what you can but don’t get overwhelmed.

C) Become a partner. Like the characters from Ice Age, you can never hope to survive on your own. Seek out and hold on to tech-savvy people in your lives. Use them and offer them your expertise in return.


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