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Soooo Proud



This past weekend my better half was away. While I jokingly shouted “Free at last! Free at last! Free at last!” in Martin Luther King style with my housemate, deep down I am incredibly humbled by the woman I love.

This beautiful creature never stopped looking for her true purpose in life. About a year ago she quit her government job with a stable pension to become an entrepreneur. What does she do? She helps others to be healthier and happier in life. And she intend to make a living out of it. Imagine that. You get PAID to be a good human being!!! Corporate lawyers and Sean Spicer take note. You don’t have to sell your souls to the devil to make money.

Then came the opportunity of a lifetime, she gets invited to speak at a health and wellness summit in the beautiful Canadian Rockies. When she is ready to receive the Universe provides. This once timid little girl enrolls herself in Toastmasters and borrows loads of books to prepare for the event. She even connects to seasoned international speaker and other entrepreneurs.

After months of preparation and rehearsing she is finally ready. Unfortunately, logistics falls apart. She does not have the funding to take the trip out west.

Now comes the most amazing part. Remember what the Universe does? Yes, she provides. At a house party when her friends heard that she could not afford the trip they all start to open up their wallets. It is moments like this that makes a grown man weep. At the end of the night she was $5 short of paying for her flight. Over the next couple of days more donations came in and she was on her way to the mountains.

These friends are ordinary folks, not millionaires with big mansions. They were not rich but they were extremely wealthy. Wealthy in heart, spirit and love. They had faith in this girl’s dream of going to the top.

On Monday my lovely lady delivered her heart-felt speech in front of a crowd of hundreds of men and women. Her story touched many. Her journey moved everyone. Sitting at home, watching her live on my iPad, I realize one truth: Nothing can stop her now. She belongs at the top. I know that when I am old and crumbly I will always remember my lovely lady as the brave little girl in white showing the entire universe who she really is. Now if that is not sexy, I don’t know what is.

This summit is called Expansion Live. It is the creation of Ash Ahern. I had my doubts as did many people. But watching these incredible human beings gather at a mountain top to laugh, to cry, to open, to learn, to heal, to discover, to connect, to feel, to dig, to accept, to acknowledge, to be alive, to Love – to Love – to Love is mesmerizing. This time I could not hold back my tears.

We need more of this. The world needs more of this. A safe place for people to share their vulnerabilities and heal old wounds. A sacred place for people to connect to their community, to the rest of creation, to the divine force that unites us as human.

Now there is only ONE question remaining: Why Couldn’t the G7 Summit be more like this event? It only costs 6,000 times more!

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