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Humans 2.0



What are we doing here? We are here to create a better world than the one we were handed to. We are here to give our children a better start than the ones we had. How to get there? By striving toward Humans 2.0

We are all humans living with the current Operating System of Humans 1.0. This OS has its merits and has gotten us thus far. So why upgrade? Because we have to. As the world turns the environment is changing at a rapid pace. Humans 1.0 will not survive, let alone strive in the new environment. It IS broken, so we have to fix it!

So what is Human 2.0. Here is a sneak peek at some of the major features of this exciting new OS.

  1. Interconnectivity
  2. Universality
  3. Cloud Sourced Decision-making
  4. Expandability

One, Interconnectivity. Human 2.0 is a man (or woman) who is intimately connected to the rest of the world. Yet he is not a slave of the social media and mass media outlets. He selects and prioritize to make the best use of his time on the web. He creates and consumes information intelligently. This gives him the power to be a change agent on issues of importance. He avoids fluff and superficial occupiers of his time and attention. He has mastered the art of filtering and selecting. A connoisseur of things that matter is who he is.

Two, Universality. Human 2.0 is cognizant of the truth that all people of earth are one. He has moved past the bigotry, regionalism and senseless pride that has been the root of so much unnecessary suffering and divisiveness. He can live anywhere and thrive in any culture. There is no boundaries or limitations to his creativity and compassion. He realizes that beyond the vessel that is his physical body there is a human spirit which is just like all his brothers and sisters.  Some have chosen different physical bodies to materialize in, but that does not change their souls.

Three, Cloud Sourced Decision-Making. Human 2.0 is conscious of the fact that one man cannot do it all. He makes proper use of the expertise and experiences of others and makes decisions based on those. This is not to say he is indecisive, far from that. Once armed with the best available information, he is confidently decisive. He is also realistic and does not believe he can please everyone on the planet. He focuses on the people he can affect and stays true to his good intention. The result will speak for itself.

Four, Expandability. Human 2.0 comes with a vast number of available ports for upgrades and expansions. This has been a difficulty for the previous version of humans. Most of Humans 1.0 are so restricted by their religion, political associations, stereotypes, social classes, etc. that they are unable to grow beyond their own noses. Humans 2.0 is built to expand on all dimensions and levels. Their minds are open and their hearts are welcoming. The world is a land of opportunities for the brave ones. In fact, accumulating information and knowledge is so intrinsic to the system that it cannot be turned off. Human 2.0 will be a student till he dies.

If you are a Human 1.0 and would like to upgrade to Human 2.0 please follow us. We will be discussing all the steps on how to achieve this up and coming mankind revival. We are also interested in your opinions and suggestions. What are some of the other major features you would like to see in Humans 2.0?  Please leave your comments below.



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