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Stories for Humans


My calligraphy of the Chinese character for love and compassion.

There are more that five billion people in this world, yet many people feel alone.

If we tell ourselves a story over and over again we will start to believe that story. “I cannot afford to live in a house.” “I will never find love.” “I am sick.” “I am fat and ugly.” “I do not deserve love.”

What if today I tell you you can tell yourself another story, the true story? Would you be willing to give it a listen? What if I tell you that once you start to hear this story your soul will start to believe it? And your world, our world will start to shift. Will you hear me out?

  1. The truth is we are all part of the infinite universe. The universe has divine guidance for all her parts. Just like our brain has a design and a plan for our toes the universe has a plan for us.
  2. If we can work through the distractions and open our souls to this guidance we can clarify our mission. This does not mean we are mindless slaves. It means we each have a purpose and our hearts know it. Our souls can receive that message.
  3. Once we are connected to our purpose, we become powerful badasses of destiny. Or what I call Humans 2.0 in an earlier blog. We gain the ability to mould our surroundings and change reality (Kinda like Neo in the Matrix). Since the Universe — the most powerful force of change since the beginning of time is now supporting us, we automatically become CHANGE AGENTS.

Image from SUWALLS

So that’s it, the true story. Simple yet it takes years to comprehend. If you are used to say I am poor, now you can say wealth is all around me. If you are used to say I am unattractive, now you can say I possess beauty. If you are used to say I am not loved, now you can say love is my birthright! I exist to give Love and receive Love! I am here because of Love and I refuse to leave this life without Love.

I am Zen Wang, son of Zhiwei Wang, grandson of  Yunzhang Wang, great grandson of Taihe Wang, of the Wang Clan of Hubei and Hunan province in the Ancient land of China, on the continent of Asia, of the planet Earth, in the Solar System, of the Milky Way, part of this Universe.

My purpose is to serve my fellow humans. My raison d’etre is to tell stories of your struggles, your failures, your success and your inevitable triumphs over seemingly insurmountable adversities. I listen to your downloads from the Universe and share them with the rest of the world so that we can realize a bright future together.

I am a son, a father, a lover, a fighter, a student, a teacher, a friend, a worthy competitor, a believer, an artist, a storyteller, a hard worker. You are trustworthy, you are secure, you are optimistic, you are full of hope, you are part of the whole.  You and I are destined to connect. Together WE ARE LOVE!


Mabel is in the universe because of love. How about you?

Would you not call me a friend? Would you not take my hand and join me? What is standing in your way?

(Zen is starting a production company called “Stories for Humans”. We are a group of talented and devoted individuals to help people everywhere to share powerful messages on all platforms. email to find out more. Destiny awaits. )

Be the disruptive technology that shapes this world for the better! Let us knowingly and consciously reform this world together.

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Yours, Sincerely,


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