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Every time I hear news of conflict due to racism I roll my eyes. Are we still so undeveloped as a species? It’s like watching your two pet turtles in a death grip fighting for a piece of frozen shrimp. I have a whole bag of it in the freezer guys. It’s not worth fighting for. This must be what God feels like sometimes.

Facts: We are all different with the same essences.

Reason: We all came from the same spot, ie. center of the Universe and we all had different experiences since then. This makes us different.

Solution: If we fight about our differences we will be fighting till our time is up, thus wasting all this precious time we have. Instead if we focus on our similarities then we can live, love and play with one another and enjoy our time alive.

Question: Why is it so hard for people to understand the simple facts stated above? Because of ignorance and the darker side of human nature.

Ignorance: We are conditioned to have a scarcity mindset. There isn’t enough food, water, shelter, security, love, attention, respect, money, etc. to go around. So whoever is faster, stronger, louder, smarter is going to take it and keep it from others.

If you don’t get my turtle example then think about it this way. If you are born in the 1930’s you would think that food is very scarce. But today food is abundant. How did all this food get here? Not because people fought each other and hoarded food. But because people worked with one another to produce and distributed food in a fair way. Of course we can always do better. If that is what happened between 1930 to 2020. What will happen in the next 90 years?

Darker side: We are primitive beings. Our brains have not changed significantly since the dawn of humanity. The Us-vs-Them mentality is deeply ingrained inside of our subconscious. And it will poke its ugly head out whenever it can. We do not live in a cave anymore. We don’t have to defend our food, shelter, women and children from savages. We live in a hyper-connected community. If we spread love and understanding it will spread like wildfire. If we preach negativity and hate it will also take effect quickly. The decision is individual. Do you let your darker side reign or will you listen to your safe, secure, content, blissful heart. Come into the light and awash in the gentle loving care of the Universe that created you.

Now let’s talk a bit about our differences.

Continents: Eurasia runs east west. Americas and Africa runs north south. That is why agriculture became highly advanced in Eurasia. Because the weather is similar across Eurasia they are able to plant more, harvest more and sustain a bigger population. European and Asian civilizations advanced faster than the rest.

Technology: Metal working, glass, gunpowder, compass, printing, money, mathematics, astrology, etc. These are just some of the life changing cards for a civilization. If I hide them in the house and tell a bunch of eight year old to find them, what do you think will happen? The one who found gunpowder is going to be burnt and the one who found money will be rich. The math kid will be beaten up by the metal kid. Astrology kid likes the compass kid. The result is a kind of chaos until information is exchanged and the dust settles. You are welcome, I just gave you the short version of human history of the last five thousand years. So it is not because one kid is genetically superior, it is because he found the card we see as stronger, by pure chance.

Culture: Are there stronger and weaker cultures? Yes. Through our circumstances and experiences we have developed culture that are “better” than others. Sacrificing a virgin every time the skies open up is not as good as understanding meteorology and build irrigation to prevent floods.  So culture is an area we can continuously improve upon. Here too many factors should be considered. Asia had herbal remedies for communicable diseases therefore cities grew bigger early, so people are more group oriented. Europe did not have a good remedy for those diseases, therefore cities are smaller and people stayed more individualistic. Other examples abound. You get the point.

In the year 2020, we are all connected whether we like it or not. We are all together on a single life raft called Earth. So throw your ignorance and darker side overboard and keep your loving, pure, positive, caring side here. We welcome you because we love you. We want you to love yourself too.

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