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Essential Oils, a load of BS or the savior of the free world?


I talk to a lot of people who says “I don’t believe in Essential Oils.” My question to them is “What is it that you don’t believe in? That they exist? or that they work?” Let us look at this hippie phenomena in some scientific light shall we?

About two years ago I was bitten by some nasty bugs down in old Florida. My wrist was the size of my arm and glowing red. A dark line was slowly extending to my heart from the infected area. Before deciding to go to the Emergency Ward, Toby said “Hey I have some Frankincense essential oil with me, wanna try?” The rest played out like a fairy tale. 24 hours later my wrist was on the mend. I was feeling a lot better, partly because I avoided the US hospital bill.


Essential oils is simply using extracts from natural plants to help reduce human sufferings and stress. If the smell of roses makes you happy and the smell of mint makes you want a Mojito then essential oils work for you. Fact #1: Essential oils work.

Now, as with many things there are different grades of essential oils. You can get a Walmart bottle of lavender for $5 or you can buy a DoTerra bottle of lavender for $20. Are they the same thing. Of course not.  Fact #2: There are many different grades of essential oils.

Some people may have been put off by essential oils because of disappointing results. But that’s like saying traffic laws don’t work because you were hurt in a car accident. Essential oils work very well when used properly. They are not miracle oils that will make your father check out of the cancer treatment centre, but they may help ease some of his pains. Fact #3: Essential oils need to be used properly.

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Some may say: “Stop trying to play doctor. Let the professionals take care of you when you are sick.” That is giving away control of your own health to a stranger. A stranger that you will wait 2 hours to see and will talk to you for 2 minutes while not making eye contact. No one knows your body more intimately than yourself. If you have a few essential oils at your disposal and have someone who is knowledgeable to guide you, isn’t that WAY better than relying on the overloaded and broken healthcare system and their multi-billion dollar sickness-profiteering pharmaceutical industrial complex? Fact #4: In majority of cases, simple and natural solutions are the best way to take care of your own health.

Don’t get me wrong, if blood is gushing out of your body, do not try to rub essential oils on it to make it stop. Go to the Emergency Ward. Modern medicine is great at life preserving.  Traditional and natural medicine is great at life strengthening and sickness prevention. Why not take advantage of both modern and natural remedies? It’s like walking on two legs instead of putting all your weight on one. Why not have an open mind? What do you have to lose?

In conclusion, essential oils are not BS, it has worked long before the emergence of modern medicine and continues to work. It is also not the savior of everyone. It has to be used properly and the person needs to be open to the natural process of healing.


If you are willing to give essential oils a try why not start with one of the best (and the most ethical) producers out there? Check out Toby’s online site below. She’s not selling oils, she shares health. 

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