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As some of you may already know, my wife is a DōTerra Essential Oil wellness advocate. See my previous post to see what I think of essential oils. Here I want to focus on the convention.

The Good

  • The annual event is held in Salt lake city in Salt Palace and another arena. Dōterra takes over the town and you see people buzzing around with matching backpacks and lanyards. I have to admit, it does make you feel like a member of the hive to have the same cool setup. Salt Palace is a gargantuan convention centre that sprawls over an entire city block. Dōterra takes it over in style. Artwork and drapes makes it look like a company headquarter. Even the signs for restrooms are branded in the theme colours. They spared no expense to make convention goers feel like this is a big deal. I love the thoughtfulness and efficiency of the organizers. They are truly professionals.


  • I also love the segment where they showcased their global suppliers. I mean does your car company bring the workers from China on stage to thank them for the tires? Dōterra had a Rwandan man telling us how he recruited two former prostitutes to pick pink pepper for Dōterra. That’s cool in my books.


  • I am not going to lie. I loved seeing Hugh Jackman. I mean what’s cooler than the idea of Wolverine savagely slashing open his DoTerra package to find his “Balance” essential oil and instantly transforms into a calm and collected Logan. Okay he didn’t do that but he did sing a song from my favourite movie “Les Mis”. Afterward, he promoted his own non-profit company and thanked his wife for bringing essential oils into his life. The story of his father showing up at his first big performance in black tie is very moving. My eyes were moist while giving him a standing ovation. I can’t remember the last time a convention did that to me.


The Bad

  • As an environmentalist who started an animal rights group and is on the Blue Dot Team I find the convention too “wasteful”. All the money they poured into the Salt Palace to transform it into Dōterra Palace could have been used more wisely. What are they doing with the literature once the event is over? Why so much paper? Where are the recycling bins? How much of this is going to the landfill?
  • Secondly I find the convention too much like a movie production. Everything is picture-perfect and a bit artificial and surreal. Everyone on stage looked like models or actors. Even the turmeric farmer from India and the mint suppliers from Turkey spoke perfect English and wore a suit. I mean do they only work with good-looking people? May be essential oils magically transform average Joes into perfectly westernized human-beings on a mission to save the world from big evil pharma? Their sourcing team all went on stage waving their country’s flags. Someone need to remind them their Winter Olympics ended in 2002. They brought out one scientist after another, each one looking better than the last. I am not against supermodels but I begin to wonder if they only let the ugly ones out after sun down. The messages were repeated a hundred times: “Dōterra is the best! Dōterra will make you rich! We should all thank Dōterra!” Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying they are lying, it was just too much propaganda for a former Chinese communist youth like myself.


  • Two more complaints. For a company advocating healthy living and great lifestyle choices this convention failed on providing nutritious, wholesome and affordable food and drink choices. What we had was the usual fast food stands and food trucks.  The other thing is some presentations went on way too long. Not to make too fine a point, but I did not travel 3000 km to hear a Doctor jabbering on about molecular compound duplexity. Nor do I want to hear a survivor story that is two hours long. Especially if they already showed the summarizing video clip at the beginning. Definitely rooms to improve on that.

The Future

For the most part, I enjoyed going to the DoTerra convention. It made me understand the company culture and mission much better than reading a brochure. DoTerra is not perfect. She inherited parts of the corporate cultures I do not care for. DoTerra is not all powerful. She still has to operate within the current healthcare infrastructure. But DoTerra is the future. She possesses the motivation to shake up a failing health care system. DoTerra is our best hope. She ensures sustainability of the supply chain and the people within it. DoTerra gets my vote. She strives to deliver gifts from mother earth to all her children.

Yes you are going to pay a few dollars more for this gift. But somewhere in Kenya a mother does not have to sell her body to truck drivers anymore and her children are going to school with full bellies. Back in your home, your family is staying vibrant with natural remedies without worrying about nasty side-effects.  If every dollar is a vote. I hope you have the foresight to vote for DoTerra Essential Oils. I hope you vote for a brighter, kinder future.

If you would like to find out more on DoTerra Essential Oils my wife and her oil sisters are excellent guides for your journey.



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