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Gender Equality, Who needs it?


Alright, I’ll just say it. I do not believe in equal pay for women and men. On average women do WAY more than men. Outside of her full time job a typical woman has to take care the kids, take care of the household, take care of elderly and keep everyone happy and healthy. Women should be paid more or be given more times off.

I am not trying to score brownie points from across the aisle here (I do that by going to psychic fairs). I just like speaking the truth. A lady friend of ours is currently holding down a full time teaching job while taking care of her three year old and a twelve year old foster child. Her husband is away on business and she is four months pregnant. Sure, we men have a lot of obligations and responsibilities sometimes, but try that on for size.


I remember one of the biggest fight between my father and I was because he said women are less than men and I corrected him by saying “Women are different than men.” I was told to get out of his house. Eventually I did. I found the woman I love and now we are bringing a baby into this world together. One thing I INSIST is that in our baby’s world, women are not going to be LESS than men.

Looking at all the major disasters in history I noticed one thing in common. The worst decisions ever made (invading Russia, exterminating the Jews, attacking Pearl Harbor, launching the Challenger, etc.) were all made in closed rooms full of “stinky old men”. I call this the S.O.M. syndrome. Men have in our blood an evolutionary relic called testosterone addiction. When we become mid-aged we long to feel that high again. So we get together and coerce a bigger group of young boys full of testosterone to wreak havoc on the world around us. Urra Urra Urra! Rinse and Repeat. Human history in a nutshell.

When the First Opium War was looming the governor of Guangdong wrote a heartfelt letter to Queen Victoria of England to appeal to her womanly qualities. In the letter he said: “Imagine if it were your subjects under the grasp of the poisonous opium and they are forced to sell their children to pay off the debt. That is what millions of Chinese mothers are enduring right now…” The letter was intercepted by Her Majesty’s male councillors and never made its way to the Queen herself. As a result, Opium continued to pour into China in exchange for silk, tea and silver. Two hundred years of war, strife, turmoil, suffering and despair ensues. How different would history be if men were not in charge of delivering the letter that day?


Women on the other hand, have a different set of agendas. Many of them are mothers. They get to feel life growing inside of them. They get to feel a tiny heart trying to synch with their own heartbeats. They are creators. Each expectant mother have the desire to make this world a little bit better for her upcoming child. Whether it is cleaning up her neighbourhood or changing the status quo in the workplace, a woman feel the urge to improve. You see this in the animal kingdom too. If a hen does not like the chicken coop she will destroy her own eggs. A sow will starve her litter to death if she doesn’t like her sty. Female animals do not allow their young to grow up in misery.

Back to the point. Who needs gender equality? We all do. Women and especially men. We need fresh perspectives in our boardrooms. We need exciting opinions in our decision making. We need creative new energies in our arts and culture. We need love, gentleness, compassion, sympathy, forgiveness and beauty in our everyday life. In short we NEED the Ying to balance the Yang. Women should be paid more, not less, so she can accomplish all she needs to do and still have some time left to take care of herself.


This International Women’s Day let us stop the empty, politically-motivated cries of “More Female CEO’s!” and say Thank You to all the women around us. Let us appreciate how women have made our lives possible and worth living. Let us brainstorm on how to give women more voice and power to shape our future world. Let us act!!!

Lastly, a very good friend of mine (a man) shared the video link below. Just to proof that not all of us guys are “stinky”. Enjoy.

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