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Camera as a weapon


Yesterday was a humbling day. With cameras blazing I was shooting up a small town in Ontario. Among other things we were pushed by a security guard; had heated debates with homeless persons; had a discussion with a train station master; connected with the director of a community shelter and almost ended up in jail (we did exterior shots instead).

Never doubt the power of the camera as a weapon. Like all weapons, its effectiveness depends on the one who wields it. As documentary filmmakers our mission is to tell the truth. Truth make many people uncomfortable and we have to face those emotions on a day to day basis. We just keep with the truth and let the power flow out.


Case in point is the latest Oscar winning documentary Icarus. If you have not seen it go watch it on Netflix.

Icarus talks about the reason why Russia is banned from competing in the Olympics indefinitely. A once proud nation of extraordinary athletes is reduced to a group of cheaters in the eyes of the world. Why? How did the people of Russia allow this to happen?

Russian citizens let a group of small thinking, fixed mindset, ex-military people take control. The goal of those people is to prop up the national pride by any means possible. They want to return the nation to a powerhouse empire. Those power hungry people would not blink an eye to use radioactive isotopes and neurotoxins to assassinate dissentants. Therefore using banned substance for performance enhancement is like a child’s play. Honour be damned, Honesty be damned, Integrity be damned. Russia First! Russia Last! Russia Forever!


Truth is like trapped air bubbles under water. The natural tendency is for it to come out. When the Russian athletes got involved in the scheme did they hope for the truth to be buried forever? Did they want to take the secret with them to their graves? Do they still hold their gold medals proudly? Did they ever hear of the old Chinese saying: paper can never cover up fire. Truth will eventually surface, even if it takes years. The Documentary Film Icarus is a dagger piercing the Russian government’s shield of deception. A low budget doc film defeating a powerful nation on the world stage. A true David vs. Goliath story. Documentary Filmmaker One; Russian Government Zero.

For myself, I am too lazy to lie. I’d rather stick with the truth and never have to worry about when people will uncover my elaborate network of lies.

Yesterday the weather was crappy. It was cold and windy at times. But the sun did come out to warm our faces. However, it was the people who warmed our hearts the most. One person from the Homeless Shelter came up to shake our hands “Your film WILL save lives. I am sure of it.” he said: “I had to bury eight young people during my career working here. It was the hardest thing.”


Interviewing Trevor Beecraft, Executive Director of Brantford Welcome In 

For my team and I the path is clear. We uncover the truth and we forge forward. Drug addiction is a cancer that is spreading around our beloved nation like wildfires. We are doing something about it today, because for some, tomorrow may be too late.

I live the rest of my days to be worthy of this magical weapon that is bestowed upon me – The Might Camera!


If you are interested or want to be involved with “Just ask Jake, Dialogue on Drugs” please leave a comment below. I will update you as the film project progresses.



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