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Campfire Lamb Chop Stew


Okay, this is a bit of misnomer. I am cooking this dish indoors. The reason I want Campfire in there is that was how we discovered this awesome dish, in the great Canadian outdoors, at a camping ground called Balsam Lake.

Now that the autumn season is well underway and winter is just around the corner I long for that taste of  lamb stew by extreme fire.

Without further ado. Here’s the recipe adapted for the range top.

Name: Campfire Lamb Chop Stew

Difficulty: 8 out of 10

Prep time: 90 mins.

Ingredients: 8 pieces of lamb chops (frozen or fresh), 10 small potatoes, 4 stalks of celery, 2 sticks of carrots, 1 small shallot, rock salt, black pepper, Indian Masala rub, two cups of red wine, Italian seasoning, butter.


— wash and chop all your vegetables into equal sized pieces. I leave the skin on my potatoes as it is very nutritious.

— wash and pat dry the meat and rub them in Masala spice.

— in a dutch oven, brown the chopped shallot with some butter. Add the meat and lightly brown all sides.


— pour in the first cup of red wine and bring to boil. Add the vegetables and season with salt, pepper, Italian seasoning.

— give the mixture one big stir and cover and cook on medium for 30 mins.


— after 30 mins, give the pot another stir and turn up to heat to high for another 20 mins. This is to simulate campfire. Let the bottom lightly burn. This will give the dish a smoky taste. Remember, EVERYTHING TASTES BETTER TOASTED! There should be almost no liquid let in the pot when done.


Enjoy “Campfire” Lamb Chop Stew with the rest of that bottle of red wine. The potatoes and carrots are to die for. Mob up the fat and liquids with a nice toasted naan bread.


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