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My Life with Socks


Those who know me intimately know that I have a thing with socks.  Mainly that I hate looking for them. I also hate matching them. I know that socks can be a fashion statement for some, but for me it is not worth the trouble. How many times in a year do I hear people commenting on the amazing design and colours of my socks? That number is exactly zero. I also have other creativity outlets than the bottom of my sweaty feet. So why bother? I don’t know about you, but I am not put on this earth to match socks with a million colours and designs.

My advice for everyone throughout the universe is this: “Replace ALL your current socks with socks of a single colour, design and style that you can live with.” For example, white long socks, 100% cotton. Or grey ankle socks with reinforced toes and heels. Buy 20-30 pairs of them and get rid of all the other socks. If you live in a region that demands different thickness of socks then get two kinds: winter and summer. That’s it!

The Pros: With all your socks in one colour and style you will never need to search for missing socks again. At most you will end up with one single sock that does not pair up. You put this sock in the right corner of your drawer. Next time this happens you simply take the second single sock and pair it up with the first one. Dah-la! All your life’s problems are solved. Now you are gifted with the rest of your life to accomplish other, much more significant things.

The Cons: You will not be able to express your individualism through the choice of your socks. You will be judged by the 0.05% of people who get a glimpse of your ankle area during the day. 0.1% of those people will make a comment about your lack of creativity when it comes to sock choices. You will feel bad when this happens. This will occur approximately zero times in your lifetime. You will feel uncreative when you look at your feet for about five minutes. Then you will get over it. Trust me.


The Math: If you spend 3 mins every time you do laundry to pair up socks and search socks here is how much time you can save.

3 mins X 52 laundry loads per year X 60 years of doing laundry = 9,360 mins = 156 hrs = 6.5 days.

If you decide to swap your socks over to my method you can use these 6.5 days to relax and enjoy life with your friends and family. It’s an extra vacation you just earned. You are welcome.
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  1. Great advice – but the picture you’re sharing is not single colour socks. Be careful – Speaking from advise, the more decorative the socks and the more you spend on them, the more likely they are to loose one or more at a time!

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