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Why is it all small stuff? (Part One)


It has been years since I read “Don’t sweat the small stuff, and it’s ALL small stuff”. When an union rep was pulling his hair out because the negotiation was going badly I quoted the phrase: “Don’t sweat it. It’s only small stuff.” He retorted:”Yeah, it’s only people’s livelihood.” and insisted on being miserable.

Why is it all small stuff? Here are the facts:

— At 00:00:00 on the Universal Clock there was much noise and a big flash of light.

— Some 9 billion years later a medium sized star and nine planets formed a little family and bought a little real estate in the suburbs of a smallish galaxy.

— 300,000 years ago some creature on one of the nine planets started walking on two legs. Since this is a first in the family they all felt pretty good about it. They would have tweeted if it were available.

— Today those same creatures are still on that planet trying to figure out what to do next. They are trying very hard not to disappoint those who put them there.

Nothing can  change those facts which I stated above. This is why our daily concerns WERE, ARE and WILL always be very very very small stuff. By almost all measures we are quite insignificant creatures living on a “mostly harmless” planet. (can you tell that I love Douglas Adams?).


When we were born we can be represented by a dot. When we die we become a slightly different (and drier) dot, maybe occupying a slightly different space. If we draw the two dots on a piece of paper and connect them we get a straight line. That line is called our life.

At the time we are born we don’t know where to put that second dot, but we can predict how long that straight line might be. Call it 90 years (if you don’t smoke). So we can draw a circle around our birth dot measuring 90 year at the radius. This circle is called our potential.

Since we live in a higher dimension let’s revolve that circle around a dissecting axis (don’t try this at home) so now we have the surface of a sphere. Essentially, we have a dot at the centre of a balloon. The dot’s mission is to arrive at the surface of the balloon. Its path is this dot’s life journey.

Whether the path is a straight line or a tangled line. Whether the dot will arrive at the bright side or the dark side of the surface. These concerns are quite inconsequential to the Universe at large. However they are paramount to the dot. It determines the quality of life for the dot.

How the dot travels inside of the balloon is by experiencing forces pulling on it. These forces are orbiting  the balloon like the planets orbiting the star. Love, Hatred, Compassion, Jealousy, Kindness, Bigotry, Honesty, Deceit, Generosity, Selfishness etc. all surround the balloon and the dot.

Your choice as a little dot, is to decide which forces you are going to let into your balloon. Those choices decide your life’s path and subsequently the quality of your experience.

(Continued in Part Two)


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  1. Hi Zen. I’m enjouing your most recent post and interested in where you will end up once your thought on the topic of SMALL stuff is written down.
    Big topic indeed!
    As I’ve come to realize, everything in my life, with the exception of tragedy, is my own doing. If I hear myself saying I want, or wish for, things I don’t currently have, or am not currently doing, then I know I’m in a place of hypocrisy. If I wanted them, I’d have them. If I wanted to be doing it, I’d be doing it. The reason I’m not having/doing is because I am expressing the affect temptation is having on me. Do I want a mansion? Yes. Would I like to be running the largest chain of child care centres in the country; to have the biggest possible effect on childhood development and what it means to me to help children cope with not being at home with their family? Yes. But I’m not. Why?
    Because those are not strong enough desires to overcome other desires and yes, fears, I have. Temptation is an alluring elixir under and can be a great motivator, but only if acted upon. For me, setting goals and moving toward them is possible only when the goal is something I can understand, not just imagine. So, I do not set my sight on a 90 yr old me. I set it in a next year me, a five years from now me, and a ‘no longer working me’. That way I can achieve them and move from dreams to reality. The top of the stairs isn’t reached in a step. It’s reached by walking up each step as it comes. And it comes when I see it, know it and take it. One at a time.

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