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Why is it ALL small stuff (part two)


A couple of nights ago I had a dream. A pink voice was telling me: “Welcome, we are very pleased to have you. You are a significant force for the Good.” I woke and and had to calm myself. What was that? The feeling running through my body was very similar to another time in my life. A time when I was not dreaming but very much awake.

Are we inconsequential little dots floating in space? At the risk of sounding philosophical, this entirely depends on each individual. A speckle that joins the moon becomes the moon. A grain that combines with the earth is the earth. We know for a fact that EVERY drop of water in the ocean is electrically, magnetically and chemically connected to every other drop of water in all the oceans. Infinitesimal connectivity with infinite connections.

Why would human beings be any different?

What do you call an ant when it is separated from its colony? A specimen. Because it cannot continue to survive on its own. It is incomplete. Without the social, biological, chemical, physical infrastructure of the rest of its species the lonely ant is but a shell to be pinned up in a display case.

Why would human beings be any different?

We need each other. How to need each-other becomes the BIG question. There are two ways to needing one another: exchanging for services or free services.

Exchanging services dominate the world right now. It is the most visible style of interaction. Paying for a cup of coffee. Opening a door in exchange for a thank you. Etc. One may say there is no free lunch. Everything is done at a price. Right? Wrong. Can you think of one thing you have that is possible without the sun? Neither can I. And what have you done for the sun lately?

Free services are often overlooked. By kissing your child when he cries you will not get a cheque in the mail. You do it for Love. Most free services are dished out because of this mysterious energy called Love. The more Love you have in your life the more Free Services you give and receive. In general, your life improves.

This much we know: We are all dots in a big picture. We can choose to be bright or dark. We are all interconnected by energies visible and invisible to our naked eyes. We cannot live outside of this picture and the picture is incomplete without us. This is us. Very small and extremely significant at the same time. This truth stands despite of our ignorance.

The other time I felt the bliss of being accepted and acknowledged for being who I am was when I swam with the King of Fish. I know that I AM ONE, I have coming into being. We are here waiting for you to join in.


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  1. Dude, your last sentence sounds like the speech before inviting us all into the mother ship. 😜
    Do you not get in return for having kissed your crying child the feeling that you not only get to express your love to your child, but that it has a positive, indeed healing, affect on him/her?
    Could it be that there really is nothing free, for to be free is to be separate, I mean not dependent on, any other. We just tell stories from our perspective; stories of what we believe, based on what we have experienced and hope it resonates with others.
    Keep writing….

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    • Yes, bro we never left the mother ship. Dundundungggg!!! Queue Charles Heston scream and pull back crane to extreme wide shot. Right, cool perspective about the individual and the group. Because we exist in a closed system everything will eventually come back to us. Garbage in garbage out. Love in love out. Therefore I choose to love.


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