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On a dilapidated roof a piece of old carpet was folded in half and some dirt was collected in between. In this crevice a tiny dandelion seed sprouted. A couple of weeks later the carpet dried up and the plant died.  I noticed something very curious. The dead plant had a bare tip at one end. In this short time the organism matured, flowered and spread its seeds.

Where do we come from and where are we going? Questions we all think about from time to time (i.e. while waiting for Netflix to load).

There are only two places we could have originated from: earth or an extraterrestrial place. No disrespect but I am too old to believe in other fairy tales from ancient books. If we started in primordial pools that would explains why I love sitting in volcanic hot springs while on vacation.

If we are Extraterrestrials the story is much more exciting. The two possibilities there are: intentional placement or accidental placement. Let us examine intentional placement. In this theory some time in the past a highly intelligent organism placed the seed of all life on earth into a carrier vessel and sent that vessel into the universe. Some time later that vessel landed on earth and deposited the precious cargo here.


Here are the facts: All lifeform on earth evolved from a single organism. All life on earth are continuously evolving. Earth is going to be uninhabitable one day.

The highly intelligent organism must have had an end in mind when he/she launched the seed vessel into space. Presumably he/she also knows that all inhabitable planets are transient places to live. So one can deduce his/her design for us is to evolve and populate the earth then use the resources on earth to escape this planet in order to populate other places in the universe.

In a way we are Galactic Dandelions. Being blown far and wide into the gravitational waves to germinate and prosper on remote speckles of space dust. After blossoming we send our seeds into the eternal vortex again while some of us wilt and dry up in the unforgiving star rays.

This cycle continues until one of two conditions occur. A) The universe resets; B) We fail to send out our seeds. There is nothing we can do about condition A but there is something we all can do about Condition B. In fact one can argue that is the only raison d’etre for all lifeforms on earth. To grow, to prosper and to help humanity leave earth.

Being a new dad, I see the FORCE is strong with my little one. She has this insurmountable desire to grow, to explore and to eventually leave the comfort and safety of my arms. Every plant, every insect, every bird, every mushroom possess the exact same goal and mission: settle, grow, evolve, multiply, leave home, rinse and repeat.

This is why as humans we must always encourage open-minded learning; we must constantly question things we don’t understand; we must never stop growing and evolving; we must stay curious about the unknown and most importantly we can never be afraid of that leap into the dark void beyond.

My dear fellow travellers, this is the original code embedded in our seed. The code is immovable and unchanging. It dominates our past, present and future. We are here for a good time, not a long time. Peace out and see you on the flip side.


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    • Thank you Mark. I was reading a Dan Brown book when I thought about blogging about Origins. Just my way of providing some clarity for myself. I welcome all views, as long as they are based on facts and evidences. I find it laughable when people say “God put dinosaur fossils in the earth to test our faith.” How petty, bored, passive-aggressive do they think God is?


  1. The exciting thing about life isn’t that we are aliens, but that we have no more idea where we originated than where we are going. To me it is far more interesting that we originated here. That we are just as interesting, just as cool, having come from the Earth, indeed of the Earth, than any sci-fi alien-based theory, is important. Important because in the end we are interesting, we are cool. We don’t need to dream up some “otherness” to ourselves, some fantastical story of our origin, whether mythical or galactic in nature. We and the World we came from are/is so fascinating, so vast in potential for discovery, (even now after all that we have already uncovered), that our story needs no added flair, no spicy punch to make it fascinating, let alone great.
    That Life, whether in a dandelion or a baby, is so rich, so deep, so vast in its totality (spanning from birth to death to birth, to death,..), that it holds its own universe of discovery and possibilities just waiting to be uncovered.

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    • Thank you Barry for your insights. Yes we could totally have originated right here on earth. As good as any planet I ever came across. One theory about where we are going is we are going to merge with machines and become a new species of biomechanisms – half machine, half man. If you have and doubts, just try to live without your cellphone for a couple of weeks.


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