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Why Good?


Why do we need to be Good? When you think about it. I mean REALLY think about it. It seems like a pretty arbitrary choice. Like flipping a coin.

Can a person choose to be evil just as easily as choosing to be good? Is “to be Good” simply a socially acceptable thing to do? Is the choice coincidental? Pun intended. ^_^

To date, my film screenings raised thousands of dollars for Syrian Refugees, Social Entrepreneurs, Community Church, Tibetan Orphans. I have volunteered for Blue Dot, Kidsability and other NGO’s. Does this mean I am Good? If you tell me that I am Good my reply will be a nonchalant “If you say so.”

Confucius say: “At the Beginning, ALL men are good.” So a person does not become Good. He or she simply stays Good. I am the way I am because I was born this way and I have not derailed much from my original form.

Lincoln once showed up at a wedding party drenched in mud. He dragged a stranded hog out of a ditch to save its life. When asked why he was compelled to do such a foolish and thankless chore for a pig. He said:”Oh I didn’t do it for the pig. I did it for myself. I will never see that pig again but I have to live with myself for the rest of my life.”

During our evolutionary past a caveman would share some nuts with a hungry neighbour. He sees the neighbour enjoy the food and his own brain goes berserk. The food sharer is able to vicariously experience the enjoyment of a hungry man eating food. His body is infused with good hormones. Nature encourages this type of behaviour by natural selection and “Goodness” survives and thrives till present.


Biologically we get a high from helping people in need and improving our surroundings. Just trying to stop a young child from “helping” you while you make dinner will convince you this is true.

The Buddhists believe the whole point of living is to die well. If on your deathbed you have no regrets, no hard feeling, no grudges, no sorrys, no hatreds, no remorses, no doubts, no ambitions then you have lived well and able to sail into Nothingness.

When my time come I hope I can go bravely into the void. When I return to the source I hope I can stand naked without shame. If I see shadows lurching I do not have to fear for I have not injured others while alive. If all my actions were taken with a clear conscience to the best of my abilities then my spirit can stay free. I will rejoin the rest of the universe like a drop of pure rain falling into the ocean.

Am I Good? Yes of course. But so are you. Am I Great? Yes, but so are you!

water surface with splash made by droplet


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