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Recycling Fun


We probably spend 30% of our lives looking for our cell phones, 10% looking for our chargers and/or earphones. 15% browsing Netflix; 20% sitting on the can reading about bad news that we can’t do anything about. Here is an idea: Get off the phone and do something, anything, anything that makes you feel helpful to the world at large.

To this end I decided to make a multipurpose table out of repurposed paper. The office I worked at used a lot of paper rolls. We discard a few cardboard tubes per month. Safe, light, durable, they are perfect material for children’s furniture. So I decided to keep them.

Step one: Gather four 3.5″ diameter tubes (24″ long) and four 2-1/4″ diameter tubes (19″ long).

Step two: bore 2-5/16″ holes into the bigger tubes at 12″ and 8″ locations as shown. I used my power drill with a boring head.


Step three: assemble the tubes into a lattice as shown and used a child safe wood/paper glue to secure. Wait 24 hrs before use.

Step four: give it to the child and watch him/her learning to walk.


Step five: Take a thick cardboard (1″ thick) and cut it to size. Round the corners and seal the edges with duct tape.

Step Six: Use the plastic plugs that comes with paper rolls and glue them to the bottom of the table top. (hint: I placed them in the tubes lightly then applied the glue then pressed the table top on to them).

Finally, you can have a fun piece of furniture that the baby can use to learn to walk and the adults can play games on (when baby goes to sleep). It is safe, durable and versatile. Just keep it away from water. When it finishes serving you, you can simply recycle it with cardboards and plastics.

We often hear the words Recycle, Reuse, Reduce. I think we have to make the 3 R’s fun in order to get more people onboard. Using office waste to make fun toys for kids is a great way to put the fun into a good action. I hope you, my readers can also share some neat ideas for recycling. Please leave a comment below and tell me about your ideas or experiences.


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  1. I really like your creativity with this paper cylinder table frame that actually functions as a table that can be used in a practical way.
    Another thumbs up to my son in law Zheng, for having fun with materialism in a non capitalist adventure.
    You get a big star in your report card.


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