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Meet your Maker


Very recently, I am introduced to the concept of Maker vs. Un-maker. According to Orson Scott Card’s novel Seventh Son, the universe is in constant battle between the Maker and the Un-maker. Loosely understood as God and the Devil if you are of the religious persuasion.

The idea is that the Maker and all his forces try to create something beautiful and exciting out of nothing at all. The Un-maker aims to destroy everything and return the universe to chaos and a dead cesspool of boring equilibrium.

I am a sculptor. I love this because I can look at my creation and know that before I came along that sculpture was a pile of unremarkable clay. After I work on it the clay can take a life of its own and give people pleasure, enjoyment and maybe even enlightenment.


The Maker in Orson’s world also created the world. He/she struggles to make the world even more beautiful and amazing by installing an urge to “make” things in human beings. So we go around and compulsively create things using materials around us.

Observing my one-year-old I can clearly see this shift from being an un-maker to a maker. Habitually, she destroys any structure I try to build with her blocks. She also pushes away food when full and they end up on the floor. However, over the last little while she started to put toys in baskets and even tried to put a piece of paper back into a book.

What drives us to make things? Is it only by necessity? e.g. huts, bowls, wheels, etc. Or do we do it for the love of making things? e.g. Mona Lisa, Stonehenge, inuksuk, etc. I experience a deep sense of satisfaction when I create. Whether it is a sculpture, a bowl of noodles, a new documentary film, an origami frog. I definitely possess this Maker’s urge.


It strikes me that being a parent is being a maker. We are making a person from the ground up. We can make this person carefully and passionately or we can make it carelessly and haphazardly. Our children can either be a positive addition to the society or be a drain on our system.

Lastly, in this age of Aquarius we also have to fiercely share our creations. Share our artworks, share our films, share our insights, share our sorrows, share our ideas, share our success and failures. The act of sharing creates connections. When the whole world is connected the un-maker cannot destroy us easily by dividing & conquering.


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