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100 Days of Living

If you always dreamed of living in a mountain chalet, what if you went for it?

You know how people say you should live every day like it is your last. I disagree. I think you simply cannot jam the rest of your life’s wishes into 24 hours. I cringe at the thought of flying across the world to see my family while conference calling my lawyer and accountant and still trying to see if I am too old to date a couple of Japanese twins in Vegas, all the while holding onto a pair of fresh underwears for dear life.

It is much more realistic to live every one hundred days like it is your last. Let me explain. On June 14th 2019 I received a phone call from my mother’s oncologist. She nonchalantly mentioned that the MRI shows mother has stage four lung cancer. On October 1st 2019 another phone call from the hospital told me I should get to the hospital ASAP. Mother just passed on. As it so happens, there was exactly 100 days between when mom found out and when she left this world. One day she was living a normal life. The next day she only had 100 pages left in her Day Planner.

What if Earth was just an ornament hanging on a tree of stars?

What if tomorrow you get the same call about you? How would you live differently? Would you still refuse to speak to your father because he never supported your music career? Would you still waste your nights away in front of trashy reality shows? Would you still get out of bed for that boring job with the terrible lighting? Or would you choose to forgive everyone, EVERYONE! even yourself? Would you spend more time on the park bench watching your kids play with pigeons? Would you write a book about things only you know? Once you quantify time you start to appreciate it. You begin to spend it wisely and meaningfully.

If at the end of your hundred days you don’t die breath out and live another 100 days like it is your last and see what else could happen. It’s not artificially rationing your time. It is conquering a continent one hill at a time. It is running a grueling marathon one leg at a time.

What if you decide to pig out on junk food, booze, sex and gambling? I have two counter points: One, most people have dependants. Therefore they would not empty their bank accounts on a whim. Two, if a person really think mindless consumption is the best this world has to offer then why not let him get it out of his system? If your value system is wrong, what better place to start rebuilding it from the bottom up?

Some insects only have a few hours in the sun. You my friend are blessed with the rest of your life ahead of you. If you live to be one hundred you will have had 365 separate chances to become the best version of yourself. Just imagine the unlimited power you can unleash. Get yourself a day planner, count 100 days from today and draw a big red star on that day. Dream big and start living like those are the last 100 days you get to live. Only partake in things that are worthy of your time on Earth.

Criminals and psycos aside, “Live every 100 days like they are your last” will benefit everyone. What wonderful experiences will you seek out? What casims of separation will you bridge? What past hurts will you allow to heal? What personal legacies will you leave behind? What powerful messages will you teach your children? What fascinating mysteries will you solve? Do all those in the next season (100 days), rinse and repeat and let me know how it goes.

When they finally pried open the vault safe all they found were childhood toys.


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