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Hawaiian Snow Cone

It is best served right on your doorsteps where it was made.

Nobody can resist a nice snow cone on a hot day, especially a Hawaiian one. Because where would Hawaii get snow? Well like all children we went against mother nature’s ways and imported ice to the island of Hawaii and created this wonderful snack.

Name: Hawaiian Snow Cone (aka. Hawaiian Shave Ice) note: it is not “Shaved” or the locals would slap you.

Difficulty: 3 out of 10

Prep time: 6 minutes

Ingredients: 2.5 cups of finely crushed ice, you can do this in a blender or get really fresh mountain snow that never touched the ground. 2 tbsp of real Canadian Maple Syrup. 2 tbsp of elderberry syrup (homemade or a substitute). 2 tsp of dried salted plum powder (LiChingMei Powder, you can get it at a good chinese grocery store, get the ones from Taiwan)

Process: 1) Shape the crushed ice or snow into a ball using a scoop or a small round bowl. We used a clean toy snowball maker. 2)pour the syrups on and sprinkle the dried salted plum powder on top. 3)serve, I told you it was easy.

We discovered this wonderful snack in Maoi. They serve it on roadside stands with huge line up on a hot steamy day. They have a million flavours to choose from though I’ve given you our favourite. The picnic benches have special holes cut into them to put your Shave Ice Cone in. Local birds and bees are alway trying to get at your cone. It is a perfect dessert with low calories and no dairy or gluten. We loved it so much we bought the ingredients to make them at home. We never made it until now. Bon Appetit and slurp up! Now you can say: “Snowstorm, you are nothing! I eat you for breakfast!”

Salted Plum Powder


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