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Why do we pick on the Whites?

A statue honouring aboriginal culture in Osoyoos, BC.

White privilege; white guilt; white fragility; white tears; white supremacy; … Why do we pick on the Whites so much? Can we just all get along and forget about race? It turns out we CANNOT.

I just finished a book by Robin Dangelo, a white woman. It is called “White Fragility, why it is so hard for white people to talk about racism.” It gave me the following insights: 1) western society is built upon the idea of white supremacy; 2) people of colour, especially blacks, live in a different world within the larger social construct. 3) white people has to lead the charge to form a better world for tomorrow.

One, our white supremacy world. A person once asked me why isn’t there a White History Month? Because every month is White History Month. Just turn on History Channel or Youtube or Amazon Prime or Netflix. The mass media is filled with so called White History. This gives the illusion that people of colour don’t have a history. Or that their histories are not important. Ignorance is the number one weapon for White Supremacy. As a Chinese Canadian I was shocked that I had to teach white adults about the Opium Wars and Terra Cotta Warriors. The western society, founded upon enslaving, pillaging and dominating coloured races, has to justify those horrible actions by diminishing the coloured races and their stories and achievements. Much like Hitler declaring Jews are vermins so they can be mercilessly exterminated. The concept of white supremacy is deeply ingrained in all of us, whites and non whites alike, with or without us noticing.

Two, different races lead different and separate lives. One might ask, and what is wrong with that? It is hurtful because it propagates an unequal society like Apartheid Light. My own father lived in the west since 1989, and he never voted once. There are millions of immigrants like him who does not believe the White people cared enough to hear their voices. So they just continue to live a life of “taxation without representation”. I recently needed a stock photo of a dark black ballerina. None could be found on any of the stock sites. I had to photoshop it myself from a white ballerina. In a White supremacist world, White is the NORMAL main dish and everyone else is side garnishes, thrown in as an afterthought for a bit of colour, exotic flavour and political correctness. Many whites complain of coloured people taking all the good jobs, even though there is no data to support this. They take some jobs because, uh, hello, they have to eat too. We can not build an ideal world on false pretences. If we want a just and caring society for our children then we must work together to design an inclusive society for all.

Three, White people have to lead the charge. Women suffrage was granted by men. Slavery was abolished by Lincoln. Indian independence was granted by the British Parliament. Apartheid was outlawed by the White Government. Hong Kong was returned to China by the Queen. Those in power has to make the changes happen. Coloured people need to continue their strife to be heard and recognized as equal human beings. White people has to recognize the evil and the falsehood of White Supremacist Thinking and abolish it. After taking a civil rights tour, a young white woman declared: “Doing nothing is no longer an option for me.” She and many like her are our White Hope.

White people are great. I love them so much I married one. White people gave the world so much, but they are not the only ones who gave. White people created so much beauty and knowledge, but they are not the only ones who are creative and intelligent. White people are capable of so much pure love, and they can show much more of this love toward their coloured brothers and sisters. The first step toward love is reaching out and seeking to understand each other. The second step is to have faith in a happy life together. I have faith in Whites. I have faith in All.

We pick on the Whites, because without the Whites, the rest of us would just be “people”. Let us ditch the white flag; stay away from white noise; get off the white horse; follow the white rabbit; talk about the white elephant; chase the white whale; stop the white lies; release the white dove. Finally, let us part the white clouds so we can see the magnificent rainbow on the horizon.

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  1. Another great article Zen.
    I like to add my view regarding people of the world through my eyes I only see that we are all equal in natures values and cut from the same cloth in the beginning. However as time progresses and we age from babyhood to adult hood our inner colours develop and that shows up in our individual attitudes towards each other. Sort of like when a calf is born and is an innocent wobblely creature and the enviroment is full of sunshine and full of beautiful colours with fresh food and water to drink. This calf can run around the herd and be happy but then the coyotes come out of the woods and try to catch the calf to eat for a quick snack. But the little calf manages to get away for now with some cuts and scraps along its body that prevent it from having such happy fun and keeping up with the rest of the herd. Now the calf slowly grows into a big bull over time and still remembers the coyote attack so it always has his guard up.
    This is compared to the White-man going into Africa 400 years ago and stealing from that tribe of innocent people only to gain wealth for themselves with No concern for others.
    Our ancestors have made mistakes in judging other people as a lower value class and over riding our improper judgements with cruelty and misconduct without respect and compassion in far too many scenarios throughout history which have allowed each new generation to inherited these disturbing camouflaged materialistic values.
    If we just look at each other as earth people and show some love through a smile or sharing gratitude for just being people with No judgement because of colour or race between us. Then we should get along much better and feel the compassion grow inside us everyday.

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    • Thank you for your comments and insights. Yes as you mentioned there is much bad blood between the races throughout our collective history. As Humans 2.0 we have the power to rise above the pain, the hurt, the hatred, the lies, the brainwashing, the divisiveness, the greed, the distrust. Our mission is not just to get along with one another. Our mission is to to love one another and create a world beautiful beyond our imagination today. Our mission is to become Ancestors our Descendants will be proud of for many many generations to come.


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