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Active Placebo

A Placebo is a sugar pill with no active medicinal ingredients. Yet the evidence is clear. People who have taken these pills demonstrate measurable improvement on fighting the target disease. Sometimes even better than the actual medicine.

We have friends who are double vaccinated and had contracted COVID. Someone from Mars would say: Uh, the vaccine didn’t work. But these Earthlings are convinced the vaccine saved them. If not saving their lives then definitely saving them from terrible suffering. I don’t mean to go Aristotle on you guys. But How do we know for sure the vaccine wasn’t placebo?

Logic is the basis of modern science. Medicine is the product of science. Shouldn’t it follow that we use logic to determine the result of modern medicine? Yet today, all I see is people using emotions to wrangle logic into submission. I see this on both sides of the great vaccine debate.

Logic tells us the only way to prove that COVID vaccine saved my friends from further suffering is by comparing the effects to someone with similar health and medical conditions. Clearly this is not done. But because of mass media brainwashing we are led to believe this is the truth. This is the opposite of science. It is propaganda.

The anti-COVID-vaxxers claim the COVID vaccines are creating a generation of sterile humans who will be wiped from the face of the earth within a decade. This is also not logical but their innermost fear talking. Further studies and more evidence are needed to postulate that hypothesis.

When we take emotions out of the picture the most likely case is that the COVID Vaccines are a form of active placebo: An advanced form of placebo which produces some superficial physiological effects on the patient but is not able to eliminate the root cause. Let’s look at the evidence: 1) Covid Vaccine does not prevent contracting the virus. 2) Covid Vaccine does not prevent transmitting the virus. 3) Covid Vaccine does not prevent death. 4) Covid Vaccine does not prevent negative reactions to the virus. These four things are exactly what an active placebo can accomplish. When a bird talks like a duck and walks like a duck and lays duck eggs why do we insist it is a swan?

The pro-COVID-vaxxers will say but it is all about the numbers. Vaccines significantly reduces the chances of contracting and transmitting the virus while lessening the effects of the virus on the patient. So we are back to square one. In order to prove these points without a shadow of doubt, one must produce solid evidence from repeatable scientific studies that are peer-reviewed and scrutinized.

“Well we don’t have the time and resources to conduct those studies yet. Hopefully one day we will.” Says the pro-COVID-vaxxers. When facing a lack of evidence we are allowed to doubt. When we have doubts we have the right to opt-out. When we opt-out we should not be penalized. That, my friends is my entire logical argument against the COVID Vaccination Mandate. We humans in the so called free-world is allowed to dissent from a particular dogma and we should not suffer on an institutional and systematic level as a result of our dissent. Am I wrong? If so please point out where in my logic did I go astray.

A true scientist is not afraid of challenges to his theories.


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