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People wearing star of David during city hall meetings.

Recently some people wearing the Yellow Star of David with “Unvaxxed” written on it got a lot of lash back from people online. Since I visited the concentration camps and Israel and I am part of a documentary film crew on the subject, I feel I have some knowledge to share on the matter.

The main objection to people comparing Mandatory COVID Passport to Mandatory Jewish ID is this: “You can choose to get vaccinated but the Jews could not choose to become non-Jew. Therefore it is not oppression.” I have three problems with this argument.

  1. Jews were not the only people sent to concentration camps. There were millions of other victims under the Nazi regime: Communists, Homosexuals, gypsies, catholics, political opponents etc. All of them could have CHOSEN to comply and become good Nazis. Today some say if only all the unvaxxed can choose to comply with the mandate then the world will be great again, we would be together again, we can celebrate Xmas again. Did Nazi Germany get any better after all the “undesirables” were eliminated?
  2. Jews did have a choice at the beginning. Contrary to popular belief, Jewish is not a race. It is more of a social/cultural construct. If a person does not self identify, the Nazi government sometimes had a heck of a time determining his/her Jewishness. Often they had to go back five generations. There is even a theory that Hitler himself was part Jewish. As a result many people did hide their Jewish heritage to avoid persecution and death. At the beginning, Nazis allowed Jews to leaving their territories. Einstein and Freud being some of the most famous refugees. Tens of thousands of Jews in Europe immigrated to other parts of the world. In short, certain Jews had the choice of being a Jew or not and some Jews had the choice of leaving the country. Does this make the Mandatory Jewish ID system justified?
  3. A choice has to be free otherwise it is not a choice. People can choose to get medical help or not. People can choose to smoke or not. People can choose to drink alcohol or not. None has to show any ID based on those choices. Even with infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, syphilis, STD we don’t require carriers to identify themselves. So when one says “You can choose to be vaxxed” it has to mean a choice made with out duress, peer pressure or social guilt-tripping. Only then can this individual take full responsibility of his/her/their actions.

So is it inappropriate to draw parallels between Star of David and Vaxx Pass? Is it inappropriate to compare “Whites Only” signs in restaurants to “Vax Pass Required” signs? (Both refused groups were considered “dirty” and “contagious”). Or is it inappropriate to segregate the population because of a virus with 1% of the lethality of smallpox? You tell me. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Austrian Jews during WWII


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  1. Really good post, Zen.
    There are parallels between what is happening now with vaccine passports and past examples of segregation.
    After all in each case segregation is occurring.
    That the general populace cannot fathom being oppressors, but instead can only see those unvaccinated as being selfish and wrong, and those not vaccinated fluctuate between open acts of dissidents and quietly not wanting to draw negative attention to them makes any conversation between the two sides almost impossible.
    If you watch the news, social, or “legitimate”, you will notice that separation of people is a key element.
    Our news is divisive, or government is divisive, or religions and sports teams all promote being divisive.
    What we need is solidarity. That doesn’t come by being told to “get on board or else”, but instead by reaching a consensus.
    With a population as small as Canada we should be able to discuss issues with compassion and intelligence instead of emotional anger and judgment.
    “Us and them” mentality is simply put, stupid.
    In the immortal words of Micky Finn, “reconnect on the bases of what we have in common.”

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    • Thanks Barry for your comment. In a lot of ways the virus is nature’s way of culling a species’ population when necessary. Whether we humans see it or not and whether we deem it cruel or not is completely inconsequential. Those that are dividing us actually think they are uniting a portion of us (e.g. unite the right movement). Truth will set us free in the end.


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