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What would they do?

At times of massive unrest it is helpful to imagine what our heroes and heroins would do. Let’s look at MLK, Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. If they are alive today what would they do?

Many people say they would get vaccinated because they are compassionate leaders who care about the safety of others. Still others say they would urge others to get vaccinated because they would want to lessen the suffering caused by the COVID virus. So far so good. But most importantly, would MLK, Gandhi and Mandela endorse a mandate (not law) to coerce citizens to vaccinate by threatening to take their civil liberties, livelihood, freedom, human rights away? Let’s leave that question for a bit.

In Ontario Canada, 22% of the population are unvaxxed yet they are only 20% of the reported new cases. On cruise ships where 100% are vaccinated they have massive outbreaks. In many, many “closed vaxxed” circles such as Ski resorts, sports teams, government offices where all the people are fully vaccinated unprecedented Outbreaks are happening. It is clear that the current vaccination does not prevent transmission of the virus. Yet the authorities choose to turn a blind eye and continue with their segregation. Who are they trying to protect? Vaxxed? Unvaxxed? or themselves?

Dr. Martin Luther King who fought for De-segregation would not endorse the current segregation. He would tell us to tear down the signs at restaurants and other establishments that bar entry for a section of the population. He would encourage activists to demonstrate and practise civil disobediences such as “Sit-ins” and “Boycotts”. He had a dream for all to become ONE despite of their beliefs, colour or creed.

Dr. Mahatma Gandhi who led India to independence would also support “Body Independence”. It’s not far fetched to go from “My Country My Choice” to”My Body My Choice”. Gandhi would encourage us to fight medical tyranny with silent and resolute non-compliance. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” He would cheer us on in our fight to preserve our medical freedom.

Nelson Mandela who fought against apartheid would certainly fight against medical apartheid. In this system people cannot get access to education, work opportunities, health care, public services that their tax dollars paid for. Mr. Mandela was a lawyer so he would definitely see the Vaccination Mandate has not a shred of legal grounds to stand on. This is why it remains a Mandate and cannot be signed into Law. Mandela would say his freedom cannot be separate from our freedom and stand with us.

If these human giants were among us today they may or may not choose to get the jab. It would be their personal choices which we should respect. But I find it extremely hard to believe they would agree with the ‘No Vaccination then No Participation.’ Or ‘No Jabs then No Jobs.’ approach to Health Care. It is a Health Care system not a Health Dictate System after all.

Today, Jan 16th, 2022. Many countries around the world are taking the enlightened steps to ease restrictions and shorten quarantine periods. Switzerland, with vaccination rate 10% lower than Canada is going to 0 quarantine days. Mexico, Denmark, Sweden, and many states like Florida are loosening rules and their citizens are happier and healthier. Meanwhile Quebec is installing fines and enforcing curfews that closely resemble martial law. What is different? Are Quebecois less deserving of rights and freedom in this global pandemic?

Please enlighten me and my readers on what you think. What do you think your heroes or heroines would do in today’s confusing climate?

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” — MLK.


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